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No tuition? Bring Plastic Garbage

"I don't have money to pay. I can only pay half this month."

Nigeria is one of the poorest countries in the world. Poor parents, too poor to pay their children's tuition, are often indebted to school.

"If you don't have a tuition fee, collect plastic waste!" Projects are being paid for with recycled plastics.

An innovation that took place in Ajegunle, a slum in Lagos, Nigeria: 'Recycle Pay Project'

The recycling company, Wecyclers, and the environmental organization African Clean Up Initiative begin the project at a school in Azegunle.

Twice a month, parents bring their bags full of plastic waste. As soon as the weight of the trash, it can be converted into a monetary value to replace tuition. The garbage on the street is not only reduced. The financial burden on parents has also been reduced.

"It's hard to pay tuition, sometimes paying only half the price and paying the rest later. But this project has helped me pay for my tuition with plastic."

Increasingly, schools are being run, and organizations have donated plastic waste to support students.

"This project has won the school, children, parents and all of us." -Head of Morrit International School

The African Environmental Organization aims to help 10,000 students by 2030. Environmental protection and education Promotion a recycling tuition project to catch two rabbits. Now, it is spreading throughout Nigeria to help more students.


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