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Welcome to Greener is Cleaner,

an international youth-led organization that aims to empower youth worldwide to take action for their futures and our environment at their respective places!

We value solidarity and collective action to achieve climate justice. Greener is Cleaner works toward the achievement of SDG 11, 12, and 13 with the power of 17. Our main targets are SDG 13.2 and 13.3, which address the integration of climate change measures in policies and the improvement in education and awareness-raising.

Meet the Founder!

Hello all, I am Cherry Sung, the founder and leader of Greener is Cleaner.

The motivation behind the founding of this organization was the realization that environmental issues negatively impact so many parts of our daily lives and that the world is in dire need of solidarity to solve those problems.

The year I started expanding my vision on environmental issues was the same year I was seriously ill with the most fatal mental illness of anorexia nervosa. However, my activism and dedication to learn more about these urgent topics helped me recover quickly.

Now, I am 15 years old, and I am actively expanding Greener is Cleaner's impact and striving to empower more youth to start climate advocacy.

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If you share common interests or goals, please don't hesitate to get in contact!

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Meet the Members!


For the 2021-22 term, we have 21 members from 14 different countries.

The main divisions, or departments, are Volunteers (podcast, Eco Loci, reels), Marketing, Management (operations and communication), Writers, and Researchers.

Libertino Felani Xavier Sarmento, Aiko Chang, Chong Xin Yi, Komal Gupta, Joshua De Guzman, Nisrina Atikah Firdaus, Darien Castro, Vijay Prakash, Millie Chandra, Melody Lim, Nga Yu En (Lydia), Nga Jia En (Cynthia), Toluwanimi Fanibuyan, Julian Chan, Areeba Kamran, Akosua Nyarkomah Aidoo, Hyunseo (Mia) Lee, Roshani Shrestha, Nursulu Yeshkeyeva, Joy Kim, Daniel Kim, Kyla Kim



2019 Science/Engineering Idea Competition Finalist, WWF Koera Award


2020 Resource Circulation Practices Competition Minister of Environment Award


2021 International Young Eco-Hero Award


2019-20 Global Social Leaders Global Goals Competition Winner


2020 Youth Resource Circulation Leadership Project Finalist


2021 POP Festival Social Awareness Award


2019, 2020 Youth Creative Convergence Activity Online Competition Finalist


2020 Renewable Energy Media Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award


2021 Carbon Neutrality Policy Proposal Director of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety Award


2020 Ministry of Environment Online Environmental Club


2021 Ministry of Environment Environmental Club


2021 Branksome Hall Asia Service Fair Environmental Category Winner


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