Greener is Cleaner gives presentations and education sessions at conferences, schools, community events, and individual organizations or clubs. The topics frequently covered are climate change and international relations, youth empowerment, environmental activism, service leadership, and other specific branches under environmental issues. Speeches and presentations are audience-specific, meaning that they are adjusted for different age and skill levels.

The time duration is approximately 15~20 minutes and longer if a Q&A session is included. If you are interested in finding a presenter or speaker about the topics aforementioned, please place a request through the bottom below.


Greener is Cleaner initiates and participates in community campaigns and projects. Some examples are beach and city clean-ups, the 'Return the Unnecessary' campaign, global climate strike, and Greenpeace Green New Deal Civilian Action. We take action for various causes including climate justice, biodiversity, fighting plastic pollution, and lobbying the government.

The main purpose of taking action on a local basis is to combine individual efforts to create a greater impact in the community. We feel empowered when we take action together with people who share a common goal. We build our networks and communication skills.

Eco Loci

Eco Loci conference is a free virtual conference that allows youth worldwide to discuss and participate in activities about specific environmental issues and their solutions. Participants get an opportunity to meet some members of Greener is Cleaner as well as youth from all around the world who share the common interest to preserve the environment and secure their futures.


The second edition took place on July 17-18th, and the third edition is under preparation. Use the button below to explore past events and wait for the third edition registration to open! We hope to see you at our next Eco Loci conference.


Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools program that engages students in action-based learning in the classroom and expands to the community. Greener is Cleaner operates as a club in Chadwick International, the first Eco-School campus recognized in South Korea.


With club members ranging in age from Grade 4 to 11 (age 9 to 17), Greener is Cleaner endeavors to make the school more sustainable. The club invites various stakeholders of the school including students, parents, teachers, and local institutions, to follow the Seven-Step Methodology set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).


Podcasts allow the producers to share a genuine one-on-one time story with the listeners. They are a great platform not only build awareness of topics discussed but also to form a deep connection with the audience. Greener is Cleaner is planning on creating a simple podcast with episodes that address environmental news, innovations, Greener is Cleaner's activities, interviews with organization members and guest speakers, and more!

Stay tuned for updates regarding the launching of our podcast!


Greener is Cleaner started as a website that shares information on current issues revolving around environmental issues like plastic pollution and global warming. Blog articles were a great source of quick information for students and visitors. We are determined to keep the tradition, sharing both local and international news in our own words.

Visit our blog page and read thought-provoking, informative, and/or surprising articles!