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Eco Loci series

Eco Loci is a free, virtual conference that allows youths worldwide to openly engage in discussions and activities about specific environmental issues and to explore solutions at the individual, local, national, and international levels. Participants get an opportunity to meet some members of Greener is Cleaner and youths from all around the world who share a common interest of preserving the environment and securing their futures.

Eco Loci is held twice a year, so stay tuned to our updates on Instagram @greeneriscleaner.

2021 International SDG Summit

One group that leads and advocates for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is the youth, innovating and standing up for what they believe in. There are many youth leaders out there with potential yet to be tapped into, which is why we hosted the SDG summit.


Throughout the duration of the summit, we raised awareness of the SDGs and created an international network of changemakers through workshops, SDG and Environmental Olympiad, Eco Innovators and Policymaking contests, Essay contests, and more!


Greener is Cleaner gives presentations, speeches, and educational sessions at both on- and offline conferences, schools, community events, and individual organizations. The topics frequently covered are youth empowerment, leadership skills, environmental activism and education, sustainable living, and other specific branches of environmental issues. Speeches and presentations are audience-specific, meaning that they are adjusted for different ages and skill levels.


Click below for more details and to request availability.

2022 Global Youth Conference

Envision and Greener is Cleaner hosted the Global Youth Conference 2022 on the theme ‘Environment and Human Health.’ With around 107 registrations from 24 diverse countries, the conference was devoted to learning, sharing, and inspiring others. The 2.5-hour conference entailed guest speaker presentations, student presentations, case study discussions, debates in the breakout rooms, followed by a brief discussion in the main room by representatives from each group, and a group quiz bowl.

2023 Eco Leadership Forum

Greener is Cleaner, Food Bank & Local Communities, The Animal Patronage and Grandeur of Nature hosted the Youth Eco-Leadership Forum on June 25, 2023, which aimed to empower the next generation of environmental leaders and foster their engagement in achieving SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. From keynote speeches to workshops and networking sessions, through collaboration and shared commitment, the event inspired a new generation of eco-leaders who will champion sustainable practices and drive meaningful impact towards a greener and cleaner future for all.

2023 Eco Business Forum

On October 28~29, 2023, Greener is Cleaner, Global Green Paradise, Ecopact, Food Bank & Local communities, Haneul Foundation, and Haneul Ssem Education hosted the Eco Business Forum to empower and inspire young minds to use entrepreneurship to find creative solutions to societal problems. Participants in the competition gained knowledge about social enterprises, creating business ideas, giving a pitch, and making the idea go live.


"Return the Unnecessary" campaign

This campaign was designed by Cherry and an organization called "Ssdam Ssdam (쓰담쓰담)" to voice consumers' concerns about massive corporate plastic production. Participants collect unnecessary plastic components of products from a certain company, then send all of them with a letter asking the company to cut down on their unnecessary and wasteful plastic usage. The past campaign outcomes were successful: Maeil Dairies Co. actually removed the straws from their yogurt product, Namyang Co. invited us to brainstorm ideas with them, and CJ Co. made gift sets without Spam lids.

Green Spirit Week

At Chadwick International, where Greener is Cleaner runs as a service club, members organize Green Spirit Weeks every semester for all middle and upper school students, teachers, and faculty. These weeks are dedicated to environmental action and education. Thus, we prepare booths, activities, and challenges related to the environment for each of the five days of the school week.

Clean Up's

See any trash? Pick it up and separate it correctly! Recognizing waste and plastic pollution as major issues in South Korea, we conduct clean up's, or plogging, in beaches, parks, streets, and more.

Sustainable Design Sale

G7 students organized a sale of upcycled products they made in their design class "Sustainable Design" unit, which was Greener is Cleaner's effort to integrate sustainability into curricula. During the week of the sale, students gathered 200,000 won and donated it to Greener is Cleaner for future activities.

Marathons for Nature

Some members of Greener is Cleaner formed a team to run marathons for nature. The fees for participation are partially donated to organizations supporting nature preservation.

Climate Strikes

Members of Greener is Cleaner participate in national or local school strikes for the climate organized by Fridays for Future yearly. They often give speeches at the rally and participate in marches and chants.

School Recycling

Since waste is a major issue at Chadwick International, Greener is Cleaner formed several solutions to increase recycling rates: stickers reminding students to recycle, posters on correct waste separation, and separate blue bins for used paper.


Cherry donated money for environmental causes such as the mass wildfire recovery using prize money won from competitions. She continues to manage funds earned through Greener is Cleaner to contribute to environmental protection.


Website Blog

Greener is Cleaner started as a website that shares information on current issues revolving around environmental issues like plastic pollution and global warming. Blog articles were a great source of quick information for students and visitors. We are determined to keep the tradition, sharing both local and international news in our own words.

Our team's writers from different parts of the world are in charge of the blog. Visit our blog page and read thought-provoking, informative, and/or surprising articles!

SNS Infographics

The design team researches and creates content for social media to inform the general audience about various environmental news, concepts, and ideas. We post at least twice a week. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

SDG Curriculum

To celebrate the #Act4SDGs week, the projects team members created a comprehensive SDG curriculum with a focus on the environment. These can always be accessed on our website.


Podcasts allow the producers to share a genuine one-on-one time story with the listeners. They are a great platform not only to build awareness of topics discussed but also to form a deep connection with the audience. Greener is Cleaner produces episodes that address environmental news, eco-innovations, our activities, interviews with organization members and guest speakers, and more.


We upload one or two podcast episodes every month, so subscribe!


Cherry wrote and designed a 72-page English children's booklet on environmental education as a personal project. She recognized the lack of English resources made for elementary school children in South Korea that teach environmental concepts. Acknowledging the importance of leaving no one behind in climate action and education, she took action upon it to close the gap.


Most of our video content, including the podcasts' video versions and interviews, is uploaded on Youtube: Greener is Cleaner.

Screen Shot 2024-01-01 at 1.30.30 AM.png


The SUSTEENABILITY magazine is Greener is Cleaner's major publication made to inspire teens to take action for the environment. We introduce our activities, share writer articles, report on interviews with environmental activists, and give readers an idea of how to take the first step in environmental action.

Environment MBTI Test

We created a test that tells the users what contributions they can make, based on their answers to the questions, to start their environmental activism journey. The test was inspired by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test.

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