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Inobus develops plastic cup separator, leading resource circulation

Eco Box (Photo: Inobus website)

An eco-friendly social venture, Inobus, has developed innovative technologies to solve environmental problems caused by waste plastics. According to the industry, Inobus has developed an eco-friendly separate ejector 'Eco Box' equipped with an Internet of Things (IoT) function that can collect and wash plastic cups at once for the first time in Korea. It is growing into a social venture that attracts the most attention in creating an environment for recycling plastic resources by developing an eco-friendly disposable plastic cup separator.

The principle of operation is for the user to empty the contents of the disposable plastic cup in the ‘Eco Box’ and automatically clean the inside of the cup. The user can then dispose of the trash according to classification, such as paper or plastic. Here, the cleanly cleaned plastic can be reused for desks and chairs, thus reaping the effect of one stone and two.

Through this, it is expected that a correct separation collection culture will be established in which the four main principles of recycling and separate collection are: emptying, rinsing, separating, and sorting without mixing.

In the eco-friendly industry, because Inobus's separate collection method using Eco Box is innovative, it is expected that Eco Box will be installed in various places in the city, such as public facilities and buildings that are trying to lead the environment.

Inobus said, “Everyone knows the seriousness of the environmental problems caused by waste plastics, but we noted that there is no clear solution.” “In order to increase the recycling rate of the disposable plastic cups that are used most in everyday life, the disposable cup eco-friendly separator ejector I started developing it.”

Founded last year, Inobus has the technology to lead the market, but it is still in the early stages of the business and lacks funding capacity and management know-how.

However, it was selected as a support target company in an eco-friendly contest jointly held by the Ministry of Environment and SK Innovation recently, and received 100 million won in growth support and various advice necessary for management activities, which accelerated the eco-friendly business.

Currently, Inobus has completed supplying products to public institutions and universities such as Seoul City Hall, Gwangmyeong City Corporation, Jeju Development Corporation, and Incheon University and is receiving favorable reviews. Inobus plans to expand the supply of products to public institutions, universities, and companies nationwide in the future.

At present, Inobus is improving the completeness of the technology by repeating improvements to simplify product usage so that separation and collection are easier, such as conducting a second test of the eco-friendly separate discharger 'Eco Box.'

Ths-sam is capable of more efficient emission management by incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Through this function, you can check discharge patterns such as discharge by type of garbage and discharge by day of the week.

In addition, if the weight of the collected disposable cups or the amount of food remaining exceeds 70% of the total loading standard, respectively, an alarm will pop up before the excess is exceeded, allowing quick response. The loading size is up to 10 times the same size as a trash can.

Waste plastics, including disposable cups, are not decomposed until 500 years after landfill, and are emerging as a social problem that causes environmental problems such as destruction of marine ecosystems.

Recently, as the use of stores such as restaurants and cafes has become difficult due to COVID-19, food packaging such as coffee and beverages is increasing, and disposable plastic waste is increasing further.

Jin-hyuk Jang, the CEO of Inobus, said, "We will continue to take the lead in establishing the recycling of plastic cup resources by actively solving the disposable product problem, which is the biggest cause of environmental problems."

For more information about Inobus, please check out their website.


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