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How Will We Look In 10 Years?

Numerous studies have already adequately shown that humans are consuming plastics through marine animals, salt, and more. Greener is Cleaner has created an infographic called 'The Slenderboy,' inspired by the 2018 film Slender Man.

This infographic is 98% plastic. The 2% is from the scrap paper we used to write his biography and the 'Do Not Touch' sign. Greener is Cleaner went around the school, scavenging for plastic trash in bins. This experience allowed us to find out that students dispose plastic in wrong recycling bins. For example, we found plastic yogurt containers, which is not even recyclable, in the recycling bin for paper. Through this experience, we also got to get used to the disgusting smell of bins and having our hands get dirty.

After having a time to imagine how someone eating only plastic will look like, we came to call the project The Slenderboy. We compared the horrifying visage and the sickening general appearance of the Slender Man to our mental image of a human who only consumed plastics.

Though this is an exaggerated visual, we intended to tell the school about how serious our plastic consumption is and that we have to reduce our use immediately. For additional detail, we drew eyes and a nose for the Slenderboy, and we created a short biography of him.


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