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Disposable plastic bags revived in the US due to COVID-19... Recycling is now old frost

State government revoked one-off ban

A restaurant in the United States contains food ordered in a disposable plastic bag

The new Coronavirus Infectious Disease (Corona19) revived the use of disposable plastic bags that had been treated as a philanthropic complex in the United States, and recycling is now a thing of the past. According to the Associated Press and USA Today on April 9th, as the concern about reusable shopping bags with Corona 19 increases, the US state governments are slashing the ban on the use of disposable plastic bags. Oregon and New Hampshire have suspended bans on the use of plastic bags, and Washington, Bellingham, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, have announced the same move. Massachusetts also said it would lift regulations on disposable plastic bags. In addition, Maine has postponed the ban on the use of disposable plastic bags in January 2021, and Denver, Colorado, has decided to defer tax action on disposable plastic bags. It was judged that a plastic bag that was used once and discarded was better than COVID-19. The fact that restaurants across the United States were closed and the packaging and delivery business was open at the same time also had an effect on the withdrawal of the ban on disposable plastic bags. As the consumer's reluctance toward recycling packaging containers grew, the demand for disposable products increased. "People are worried about the food that they and their loved ones eat," said a Seattle restaurant owner.

The revival of disposable plastic bags from the United States with COVID-19

The plastic products industry, which was pushed into crisis by the disposal of disposable products, also began to take advantage of the unexpected changes brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. The industry stepped into the lobby against the government, emphasizing that disposable plastic containers were the safest option during the COVID-19 crisis. The Plastics Industry Association recently sent a letter to the Minister of Health and Welfare, Alex Eiza, stating that banning disposable containers could put consumers at risk as well as store workers. On the other hand, the recycled bags that emerged as an alternative to disposable plastic bags are filled with shackles. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Colorado have completely banned the use of recycled bags in grocery stores, fearing the possibility of spreading COVID-19, and Illinois strongly urged residents to temporarily stop using recycled shopping bags. Grocery workers' unions also called for the retirement of recycled shopping bags. "Some shops urge customers not to bring recycled bags, and some shops only store items in clean, recycled shopping bags," said an Oregon State Food Association official.



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