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World Migratory Bird Day

Photo from Treehugger

What is World Migratory Bird Day?

As the name suggests, World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the need for the conservation of birds and their habitats.

The day aims to educate and inform more people about the threats and dangers faced by birds, their importance in the ecosystem and earth, and also the reason why we need to work together in order to conserve and protect them.

When is it celebrated?

Unlike most celebrated days, it does not have a specific date. However, it is celebrated bi-annually worldwide on the second Saturday of May and October. It was initiated in 2006 as an annual awareness raising campaign.

How do we celebrate it?

As simple as it is, there are many things we could do to celebrate these wonderful birds, our nature and environment. Just taking a simple walk in nature could help you show your appreciation towards nature more and grow even more love towards it.

Other than that, you always visit an aviary to get to know more about birds and even feed them. You’re not only showing appreciation but also connecting more with nature.

And of course, searching up more about migratory birds could also help you understand more about the importance and you could educate others about the importance of this issue too.

It’ll also be great if students in school can initiate and lead activities to spread awareness about this event to pique more students’ interest and get more involved with nature. This is not only benefitting the birds, but us humans and mother earth too.

Why should all of us celebrate it?

This day is worth celebrating because not only birds are beautiful, they are essential for our ecosystem too. Without birds, our ecosystem would be highly unbalanced and many other animals might become extinct too due to the big impact of birds disappearing.

Other than that, birds are beautifully created creatures that can fly and have feathers. In history, they are also closely related to dinosaurs which makes their species even more intriguing for us to know more.

Moreover, when birds migrate, they are also helping us. Depending on where these birds migrate to, the pests around the area would be reduced, making life and work easier for most farmers. The droppings of birds provide rich nutrients for plants, such as flowers, to grow.

The wonders of birds are such a pleasant thing for us humans to continue researching about. With this in mind, I hope you understand the importance of this bi-annually celebrated event and the importance of the issue tackled by it.

The Beauty of Migratory Birds

I believe that there are far more things and interesting facts about birds that we haven’t yet explored or researched about. These beautiful creatures should be protected and kept around.

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