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With Superstraw, Ain't No Need to Worry!

The Wisefood company offers the world an "ecological alternative" to the plastic drinking straws.

Together we set a sustainable impact! (Wisefood)

Superstraw is a 2019 plastic-free-straws certified product made in Germany. These straws rely only on renewable raw materials like cereals and apple fiber. Even the raw materials that they use are deliberately chosen for highest quality on selection. For this development to come to reality, the Free State of Saxony and the European Union provided much support.

Wisefood, headquartered in Germany, was founded in 2017. This company is showing outstanding growth for over 2 years. Last year, Wisefood launched an edible drinking straw made out of apple pomace on the market in Germany. This company is in constant state of change; they work 24 hours to improve the straws' quality and replace more plastic straws with their innovation. Even though there are many predecessors, they say that their recipes are being altered to attain the requirements of an edible, long-lasting, tasty, and environmentally friendly drinking straw.

How Long Can I Use It?

These innovative straws last the longest in alcoholic cold drinks like cold whisky, hot toddy, and cider. They stay stable for well over an hour, but in other beverages like water or juice, the maximum is 60 minutes. Furthermore, Superstraw can bear warm drinks such as tea or coffee. If not been in contact with liquid, they can be kept for at least a year.

Paper Straw vs Superstraw

Both normal paper drinking straws and Superstraw are biodegradable and environment-friendly, thus you can avoid plastic waste and save the oceans. However, in closer comparison to normal paper drinking straws, Superstraw demonstrate prominently higher stability. Plus, they are 100% edible while they do not change the taste of your drink. They taste sweet and sour, and when chewed, they are crispy.

Visible Changes

Ever since Wisefood has revealed Superstraw, more and more hotels, restaurants, and cafés turned to the plastic-straws-alternative. LeBurger- a homemade burger chain- in Vienna started using Superstraw and imbued their customers with a shift to environment-directed minds. In addition, the Ibis-Hotel Berlin, Mercure Hotel Stuttgart, and the Novotel Berlin use Wisefood edible drinking straws and "thus set an example."

A lot of testimonies prove that Superstraw made a powerful change. These straws were featured in the German TV show "Höhle der Löwen" and was realized by many shop owners.

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