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Why Deny When there is Clear Evidence that Climate Change is Real?

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The combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas emits carbon dioxide, which warms the globe and contributes to climate change. Natural systems are being thrown out of balance, with frequently devastating results. But you don't have to be a climatologist to notice that our world is in danger. All you have to do is look out the window to see evidence of how our climate is changing, from increasingly extreme weather occurrences to record-breaking temperatures.

Even yet, some people will fail to recognize these warning indicators for what they are. This may be the case for a variety of reasons. Because, in many situations, climate denial begins with what individuals believe about themselves and who they are, rather than what they believe about the factual data/science.We understand how difficult it is to hear climate denial and focus on this issue especially after being "brainwashed" by years of living in an information or filter bubble, which, according to Miriam Webster, is "an environment, particularly an online environment in which people are exposed only to opinions and information that conform to their existing beliefs."

Although it might be difficult to persuade someone to move beyond the talking points they've heard before, it also doesn't help that the this opposition is polluting the well with falsehoods and disinformation. However, climate change is too serious to allow even one individual off the hook.

In fact, denial is motivated by a single desire: for something to be false. The Mayo Clinic notes, "If you're in denial, you're attempting to protect yourself by refusing to accept the reality about anything that's happening in your life." "Denial is a coping technique that allows you to adjust to stressful experiences over time — but it also obstruct therapy and your capacity to face obstacles." Considering the prevalence of denialism in a variety of settings, it's useful to know that a person's political, religious, or ethnic identity has been proven to influence their readiness to accept an expert's perspective on a given problem.

Climate change is a complicated, multi-faceted issue. The fundamental realities of the situation, such as the overwhelming scientific evidence that current global warming is a man-made reality, are, nevertheless, easily available to everyone. While a master's degree in science isn't necessary to explain how climate change works, a dedication to objective facts is.

If we have to persuade the deniers and show them the reality of the seriousness of our changing climate, we’re going to have to work on it together.




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