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Where There Is Hope, There Is Life.

Berharap. 希望. Hope.

In today’s world, many ideas of success revolve mainly around three things: a good education, being wealthy, and having the perfect family. However, from this idea, they overlook the best gift in this world. The heart that you have been given.

Starting from December of 2019, a virus shook the world. In a short period of time, it had reached every corner of the world and with its unprecedented power, threatened the lives of all mankind. During this time, in order to prevent contracting the virus, we were forced to stay at home. From what seemed like an unrestful dream, we hid as we waited for the virus to eventually subside. Here, we were trapped in a reign of dark clouds for we didn’t have a cure let alone an understanding of what this was. It was boxing with no gloves.

However, who cares? After all, the virus hasn’t reached every crevice in its cracks so some people began to feel annoyed, and as a result, left their homes to play. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that they would dangerously affect or spread the contagion to other people. Especially those who are already vulnerable. How can we find hope when others don’t believe in it?

Let’s take cancer patients as a lead. For them, they have to fight for their lives everyday. In their perspective, tomorrow might be their last day. To them, it’s like an hourglass. The precious sand symbolizes the constant loss of life and in order to live longer, they try to slow down every minute day and night. Seems pretty hopeless, right?

But they have a secret weapon.


That’s a Chinese saying. It means that if you rely on the mountain, it will eventually fall. If you rely on the water, it will eventually dry. If you rely on people, it’s not reliable enough so the strongest thing you can rely on is your heart. It might sound really cheesy but it’s true. Even if all your treatments fail, as long as you believe that you can win the battle, you will have a chance to get better. Hope isn’t something you are born with, it is something you get. With your strength in faith and the confident expectation with what you have been promised. In weak times, it is the last thing you lose.

For example, Olympic Champion Shannon Miller was a patient from ovarian cancer in 2016 but from relying on prayer and strength within herself, she’s now happy with her two kids and has fully recovered! Thus, to everyone who is going through a situation you think has no happy ending, as long as you are willing to hope, I know that you will be able to beat any obstacle that comes your way.


With heart, hope will exist.


This article is for my brave grandfather who fought cancer.



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