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Walking Towards a Sustainable Future: The Pavegen Revolution

Do you consider electricity an essencial? electricity is vital nowadays, we use it to preserve our food, illuminate our houses, charge our phones and other electro domestics, and many other uses, our daily lives have become unimaginable without it and since the global population keeps going day by day, the energy demand does the same.

So, what is the problem? well, it all depends on the way we produce energy, according to Statista, 30% of the energy produced globally in 2020 was from petroleum, 26.5% from Coal, and 23.3% from gas, which means that in total 79.8% of the energy is produced by no-renewable and pollutants sources that can affect not only the air quality and cause greenhouse gases, but also affects the rivers and soil surrounding the plant.

Energy is vastly needed, thus many countries and corporations are opting for what we call “green energy”, the most popular are solar and wind energy, but there are more, did you know you can make energy just by walking? if you didn’t it is time we meet “Pavegen”, an enterprise funded by Laurence Kemball-Cook who, according to Forbes, was asked in his internship as a student to help develop “a viable system for powering street lighting from renewable energy.” (Prosser D., Forbes, 2023) but he fails at the time because it is difficult to use the wind and solar electricity in an urban and cloud area like the UK, after that he promised himself to find the solution, and this is how the idea of energy form step started to take form in this student dorm.

How does it work? As their website shows, by stepping in the til creates a small vertical movement that makes the electromagnetic generator rotate, and that is what produces the energy and it can be stored in a battery for later use or it can be directly connected to a light or other application.

But for Pavegen it is not only a matter of producing energy or energy efficiency, although they are constantly working on improving their product, they strongly believe that in order to have a sustainable world we need not only the technology to achieve that, but also change the peoples behaviour so that we, as a community can take better actions, to reduce and recycle, to be part of making the world sustainable for living, and that is exactly what Pavegen is up to.

They participate in many events in colaboracion with other brands to go beyond and inspire and reward those who dare to take a step to contribute, and now, they have participated in 200 projects in 37 different counties, so, What do you think about Pavegen and what will you do towards a more sustainable future?


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