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Tips To Spend An Eco-Friendly Lunar Holidays

National Day of the Lunar New Year is approaching ~

On New Year's Day, the whole family gather together and wish each other a healthy and happy year and spend the holidays.

I will explain how to spend 'low-carbon lunar holidays' to raise the effect of reducing greenhouse gases and practice eco-friendly living to cope with global warming due to the impact of climate change.

1. Purchase Eco-Friendly New Year's gifts with green cards!

Have you heard about 'Green Card' that are used for the environment?

A green card is a credit card service that provides points for people who practice low-carbon, eco-friendly consumption in everyday life, such as purchasing low-carbon, eco-friendly products, using public transportation, and saving electricity, water, and gas.

There are so many things to buy and gift during the national holidays, but if you buy green products using green cards and receive the reserves, you can kill two birds with one stone.

For more information on the card, please check the official eco money website below!

2. Warm Yourself With Thick Clothes!

Lunar New Year's Day clothes for the New Year are called 'Sulbim' in Korea. The New Year started with the idea of dropping everything away and starting a new one!

Wear thick clothes to warm yourself. Just wearing an inner garment will create a 2.4 degree warming effect.

In addition, use gloves, hats, and shawls to prevent heat loss and wrap your feet warm in long socks, gumshoes, stockings, and more!

3. Make sure you cook holiday food just enough to eat!

According to a survey by the Korean Ministry of Environment, food waste increases more than 20% nationwide on holidays such as Chuseok and Lunar New Year. Due to the food culture sentiment of Korea, the amount of holiday food waste is increasing!

Since food waste can cause enormous economic loss as well as environmental pollution, we recommend you to cook only enough to eat.

If you reduce your food waste by 20%, you can save about 160 billion won a year.

4. Please refrain from using disposable products when going to the grave!

Plastic won't rot after hundreds of years, and you'll be using it a lot when you go to the grave to mourn. Please bring the dishes you used at home and use reusable cup for the cup. The whole nation can reduce about 130,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year by using only one paper cup per day.

5. Please use public transportation or drive in eco-friendly cars!

Using public transportation is a fast and convenient way to reduce the burden of traffic jams and the greenhouse gases! Using a bus instead of a car on your way home can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85% and by train 90%.

If you are traveling with your family by car, please use eco-friendly driving. Without a sudden start, acceleration, and idling, you can save fuel.


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