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Spending An Eco-Friendly 'Lunar New Year' Campaign

Tomorrow holidays will begin in earnest!

Happy Lunar New Year; how about spending this New Year's Day more meaningfully with an eco-friendly life? I sincerely wish you a richer 2020 explanation than ever before.

Spending an eco-friendly Lunar New Year campaign is not that hard. If we all care a little, you can do it every year ~

-Buy New Year Gifts

-Purchase with a green card!

-Earn up to 24% points with Green Card

You can reduce 910,000 tons of greenhouse gases a year.

-Wear thick clothes for 'Sulbim'

2.4 degrees of warmth effect occurs by just wearing an under garment.

-Cook holiday foods just enough to eat

20% less food waste saves 160 billion.

-Do not use disposable items when visiting a grave

Even though the nation reduced the use of paper cups a day, about 130,000 tons of greenhouse gases would be reduced by doing this.

-Using public transportation

-Car to drive eco-friendly

If you know the driving route in advance, you can save fuel costs.

Anyone can easily practice this not only during the Lunar New Year holidays but also the whole year if one considers eco-friendly lifestyles.

Eco-friendly Lunar New Year campaign. Will you all participate?

I wish everyone a happier 2020 XD



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