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'Sea Turtle and Plastic' Exhibition

A lot of marine litter was found in the body of a sea turtle found on Jeju coast. (News1)

Recently, a sea turtle was found dead off Jeju Island. In the dead sea turtle body, a lot of plastic garbage such as plastic bags came out. Plastic that we have used and disposed casually in daily lives is killing the sea turtle and returning to us.

Why do sea turtles eat wasted plastics? The answer to the former question can be found in the National Ecology Institute 'Sea Turtle and Plastic.' In the exhibition, a little sea turtle "Boogie-Boogie" appears and tells the audience how plastics we use indiscriminately threaten the survival of marine creatures.

The National Ecology Center is holding a special Exhibition, 'Sea Turtle and Plastic.' (뉴스스토리/News Story)

It is a special exhibition open from May 1st to August 31st at the Ecorium in the National Ecology Park. I hope we have a chance to see how we can revive the earth environment the posterity will later live in.


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