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San Francisco International Airport "We don't sell plastic bottled water"

Added 'Disposable Water' to the list of restricted foods

Installation of drinking fountains... Drink sales are not regulated.

plastic-wrapped bottled water (News 1)

According to CNN, people who are thirsty at San Francisco International Airport should bring reusable bottles and fill them from drinking fountains from this day. If you don't have a water bottle, you can also buy a glass bottle or aluminum bottle that the airport allows.

San Francisco International Airport's goal is to become the world's first zero garbage airport by 2021. To realize this goal, the airport added disposable water to its list of restricted foods.

Specifically, the sale of all disposable water products such as purified water, carbonated water, mineral water, and electrolyte additives was officially banned. Merchants at the airport no longer sell plastic bottles as well as water in sealed boxes and aluminum cans.

SFO airport (Fly Deal Fare Blog)

The airport has installed about 100 free drinking fountains to address the water shortages. Airport users can get water at the airport's fountains, but they can also just bring their own reusable empty plastic water bottles.

However, some critics say this is a "show ceremony." This does not apply to drinks such as soda, iced tea and coffee, or juices. You can't buy water in plastic bottles, but you can buy cola. It is also pointed out that it encourages consumption more than water.

The airport said it produced 28 million pounds of waste annually. This number contains 10,000 plastic water bottles. It is known that a plastic bottle can biodegrade in as little as 450 to as much as 1000 years.

Therefore, San Francisco is really taking steps toward attaining the 3R's goal: recycle, reuse, and reduce. I, personally, want to praise whoever came up with this plan because this may inspire other airports (and even some businesses) to be plastic bottle-free.

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