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Samsung Electronics upcycle TV packaging materials

Eco Packaging (Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Electronics announced the use of 'eco package,' which is based on the concept of upcycling, in lifestyle TV 'The Frame', 'The Serif,' and 'The Sero.' Upcycling is a product that has increased its value by adding design or utilization to recycled products, and is becoming a new culture beyond environmental protection. Samsung Electronics applied the Dot design to each side of the packaging box made of corrugated cardboard for lifestyle TVs shipped from around the world starting in April, and made it possible to easily cut and assemble it into the shape desired by the consumer. In addition, through the QR code printed on the top of the packaging box, manuals are provided to produce various types of objects, such as pet animals and small furniture, so that consumers can easily obtain production information. This eco-package also won the CES Innovation Award for its value to consumers at CES 2020. According to the results of a consumer survey conducted by Samsung Electronics, many of the consumers who purchased The Serif use a separate furniture near the TV to store peripheral devices such as a remote control. With this new packaging, the consumers can make their own remote control cabinet or magazine rack.

Due to the nature of protecting products, TV packaging is mainly made of thick corrugated cardboard. Domestic paper waste, including corrugated cardboard, is estimated at about 5000 tons per day and about 2 million tons per year (based on the announcement by the Ministry of Environment in 2017). Samsung Electronics expects that it can contribute to environmental protection by effectively reducing paper waste by applying an upcycling eco package to the TV. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics is conducting an 'Eco Package Design Competition' in collaboration with 'Dezeen,' a British lifestyle media. This competition will be held from this day until May 29th, and anyone from all over the world can participate. Samsung Electronics will select original and practical works from the competition and hold an award ceremony around September. For more information about the Eco Package Design Competition, please visit the Dijin website and the Samsung TV Instagram account (@samsungtv). “The Millennials and Gen Z's tend to make decisions based on how well each brand fits their values ​​and lifestyle,” said Kang Kang-wook, vice president of the video display division of Samsung Electronics. "It will be a new experience for young generations to express their values.”


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