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Nature Photography (Unsplash)

I have a dream

A dream that is a fantasy to many

It seems like a mission impossible

Though to me

This dream is the gate keeper to my comfort zone

An environment filled with scenic features

Birds chirping and singing

A cold breeze and fog

The transpiring of the flora

An utopia like scene that I would love to live

Not in a movie but in this world

I need my dream to wild out

I dream so as to create

At such a young age

I chose never to give in to the faults of society

We are and will be affected by the changes in climate

Yesterday is not ours to regain but tomorrow is ours to win or lose but most, to make

The power to make a choice lies within our hands

The force is with you and I

To create a conducive environment; A SAFE HAVEN.

And if dreams could be painted

And by magic the paintings brought to life

Then what a beautiful world we would be leaving in.

Poem by Thembo Innocent Elisha, Uganda

Courtesy of Greener is Cleaner (GiC)

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