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Norazo's 'Shower' music video interpretation and climate change

What I'm going to talk about in this article is the interpretation of the Norazo's 'Shower' music video released last year.

This interpretation is released at an unexpected timing, but the reason for this interpretation exists. The reason will be explained in a moment.

In short, Norazo’s 'Shower' music video contains warning messages about the dangers of environmental destruction and rapid climate change. This is the summary and core interpretation of this article.

Although it is a song that sings about the simple subject of 'Shower.' the main homage to this music video is the episode of 'Noah's Ark.' It is a famous anecdote from the Bible that makes sense even if you're not a Christian.

In this 'Shower' music video, the Flood from the episode of “Noah's Ark” is reinterpreted as 'Shower.' Although it is a song that sings about a simple subject called ‘shower,’ the main homage to this music video is the episode ‘Noah's Ark.’ In this 'Shower' music video, the Flood from the episode of 'Noah's Ark' is reinterpreted as 'Shower.' God and God's shower made the dirty world clean.

And this reinterpretation continues to this day. At the end of the video, you can see that it appeared in the “The Statue of Liberty,” which symbolizes modern civilization.

What are the dirts that must be washed away in the modern civilization and the modern earth? We can all say the answer to this question without difficulty. That is environmental destruction, excessive carbon dioxide emissions.

<This may be the image of us in the future being “showered” by Mother Nature>

So the conclusion for this music video comes out like this: If too much of the dirt of environmental destruction accumulates, humans can always be 'showered.'

How is it? Does the interpretation sound a little plausible? It may sound like a grand interpretation, but it does make some sense.

Norajo’s “Shower” came out last July. About three months before that, they became very special ambassadors- the climate change ambassadors.

On the morning of April 12 last year, the Ministry of Environment appointed singer Park Ji-hoon and Nora-jo as ambassadors for climate change at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul.

<Why the Ministry of Environment appointed as public relations ambassador>

At the time, Hwang Seok-tae, Minister of Environment's Climate Change Policy Officer, said, "It is time for more people to recognize the seriousness of climate change and make efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. We look forward to serving as a catalyst for communication so that we can practice low-carbon eco-friendly life with interest.”

<The reason for writing this article>

This year, Korea suffered a lot of damage from the landing of successive super typhoons in the summer. Due to the tremendous rainfall and strong winds, there were many casualties and property damage.

Many places around the world are showing an abnormal climate. The United States showed extreme weather changes such as sudden heavy snowfall in a region that was recently hotter, and it became a hot topic in Korea as well.

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In the past, there was an abnormal climate, and many scholars cited environmental destruction and excessive carbon dioxide emission as the causes of the abnormal climate. In response, Korea announced policies for a low-carbon, eco-friendly economy, and civic groups have launched eco-friendly movements.

If there is a difference in the climate between the previous year and this year; there has been a series of news that nature is recovering on its own since the range of human action was extremely limited by COVID-19.

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This reality throws two messages:

1. Even from now on, the restoration of nature may not be impossible at all if done well.

2. In spite of the warnings given by nature, if you continue to emit too much carbon and continue to destroy nature, as you have done so far, you could be properly “showered."

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What choices will we make now and in the future? The answer seems to be fixed, but it doesn't seem easy for the world to move according to the correct answer.



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