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Microplastic FREE Fabric Softener

샤프란, persian زعفران (za'ferân), introduced a new product, AURA (LG Household & Healthcare)

Saffron is a LG Household & Healthcare laundry product brand. Initially Soprin, it was the 2nd most popular brand in South Korea. Since 2012, Saffron runs the 1st place. On February of 2017, AURA was released.

Most fabric softener companies add microplastic in their product in order to keep the fragrance longer. Unfortunately, these tiny pieces of plastic remain on clothes even after laundry.

Saffron AURA is a low stimulus, mild scented fabric softener with absolutely zero microplastic.

10 antiseptic preservatives, 11 types of allergens, and petroleum-based surfactants are eliminated from the list of ingredients for a guaranteed-safe product. From now on, use Saffron AURA and leave nothing but fragrance. (LG Household & Healthcare Saffron AURA motto)

**LG Household & Healthcare does not use plastic fabric softener cap**


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