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Mask tangled on a falcon's claws... Pandemic trash as shackles

On July 26th, Daily Mail reported that a peregrine falcon flying in the sky while holding a mask was reported in North Yorkshire, England.

Not long ago, after the rescue of a seagull tied to a mask in England, a young peregrine falcon was caught that mistaken the mask for prey and caught it. On the 26th, the Daily Mail reported that a peregrine falcon flying in the sky while holding a mask was reported in North Yorkshire, England.

Steve Shipley, a local wildlife photographer who captured the falcon on the camera, said, "I went out to take a picture of a baby falcon between 3 and 4 weeks of age, and then I accidentally caught a falcon from a mask." The artist said, “At first, it was a plastic bag, but when I looked closely it was a mask. It must have been abandoned in a nearby tourist spot.”

The falcon flew through the sky for about 10 minutes while holding a mask. The artist said, “The mask was tangled in my toenails. I must have thought it was prey, but I am worried that the peregrine falcon was wrong.”

The peregrine falcon, which once became an endangered species due to a sharp decline in number, is now relatively stable worldwide. In the UK, 80% of the total population disappeared in the 1960s, then the number of populations gradually recovered due to conservation efforts, and in the late 1990s, the population recovered as much as before. It is currently excluded from the World Conservation Union (IUCN) endangered species list.

However, it is clear that various factors that threaten habitats such as poor development are scattered and appropriate protection is needed. In particular, care should be taken as there is a high possibility that latex gloves and masks are mistaken for food. It is difficult to guarantee life or death if the baby peregrine falcon fails to release or ingest the mask tangled like shackles on its claws. The artist said, “It is the most tragic photograph of wild animals I have taken in my life. The used mask must be properly disposed of. Wild animals are dying because of humans.”

A week ago in Britain, a seagull, tied to a mask, was rescued by an animal rights group.

RSPCA said, “A group official saw a seagull while walking through the street, but after a few hours it was still there, raising doubts. It turned out that he was unable to fly because his feet were tied to the mask.” The seagull had swollen feet tied to the mask, but fortunately he recovered his health after treatment.

An official from the group said, “This seagull may not be the first to be in trouble because of the masks that people discarded,” and urged them to pay attention to the disposal of garbage related to COVID 19.



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