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Lolli Lolli Pop Turns Into Plant Pop Pop

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Is sugar your stimulant or your favorite guilty pleasure? If yes, keep reading to learn about "seed-bearing" lollipops below.

Valentine's Day has just passed, and what that means is that about 2.8 billion dollars worth candies were sold! According to the IRI market research company, Christmas runs the list- striking 4.38 billion dollars- then Halloween, Easter, and Valentine's Day. Chocolate, candy canes and pops, and jellies... all our favorites! But these days, the terms "healthy, organic, and natural" are what the shoppers are looking for.

A Truly Brilliant Idea

Gratifying their tastes, Amborella Organics created a sweet lollipop that goes into all 3 categories as well as "sustainable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable." Amborella Organics is a company that only utilizes organic, as implied in the name, ingredients. Founded by both Brennan Clarke and Taylor Morgan in 2016, they cleverly came up with the most-elaborate treat someone can give or receive.

Aesthetic, sustainable, and gustatory delight (Instagram @amborellaorganics)

The seed-bearing lollipop is an organic candy that brings not only plants but also joy. It is vegan, non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), gluten, dairy, nut, soy, and artificial dye free, welcoming a huge range of people. Clarke and Morgan threw hints of carrot and turmeric to bring natural vivid colors, added edible herbs and flowers inside the candy for extra flavor, and designed recycled paper sticks.

The initial idea originates from Brennan Clarke: he recalled the smell of his grandmother's tomatoes and the excitement of waiting for the seeds to grow. In 2011, the innate shape of a flower similar to a lollipop buzzed a bee in his ear. His intentions fully fulfilled, the creative idea lured the generation into the garden. "We want to educate people what they are eating," he said.

How Do Plants Sprout From the Stick?

After licking the candy, embed the biodegradable stick horizontally under soil, and water daily. Then, a herb or a flower will grow!

Look how the flavors correspond to the plants:

Lavender & Lemongrass: Lavender

Peach & Marigold: Marigold

Rosemary & Mint: Mint

Vanilla & Hibiscus: Baby Blue Eyes

Sage & Marshmallow: Sage

Lemon & Thyme: Thyme

Champagne & Roses: Rosetta Cosmo

Strawberry & Basil: Basil

Watermelon & Borage: Borage

Buy these wonderful pleasures here:

Morgan told the Confectionery News that Amborella Organics will test biodegradable alternatives and hopefully start zero-waste. She believes that the seed-bearing lollipops are futuristic confections with delicate taste, ingredients, aesthetic, experience, and sustainability.

There is no need for a plastic stick for a lolli pop when we have organic paper straws! Alter your choices for a greener, cleaner world!


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Cherry Sung
Cherry Sung
Feb 25, 2019

inspired by: Gloria =)

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