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Kakao-Talk Open Chatting Room 'Dreamers of a World Without Waste

As SNS and telecommunication has become prompt and expedient way of sharing ideas, thoughts, and so much more, a Korean app called Kakao-Talk has almost become an essential app for all Koreans. This free application for instant messaging started only 9 years ago on March 8, 2010, is available in 15 different languages and can be used by 8 operating systems. This convenience has contributed to a creating of a huge open-chatting group that discusses a serious global issue: waste.

This open-chatting room called 'Dreamers of a World Without Waste,' or '쓰레기 없는 세상을 꿈꾸는 방,' around 200 people have a free conversation about the central idea of waste. As the name indicates, an open-chatting room is where you can talk openly to others. You can join only with a link(written in the last part) without needing to enter your phone number or your nickname, add as a friend, etc. In this room, the conversation flows smoothly from one to one, sharing their opinions, ideas, current issues, tips, etc. When someone shares how they worked that day for the environment or to reduce waste, everyone gives ovation through text emojis or an overflow of compliments.

Screenshot of chatting in the open-chatting room (perspective of Cherry, owner of GreenerisCleaner)

People link news articles, send photos or videos, start a post-comment form section, or just send a bubble of text. This is a very efficient way of connecting with others in the community and influencing each other to take action.

Screenshot 2 of chatting in the open-chatting room (perspective of Cherry, owner of GreenerisCleaner)

All of this was able to be started thanks to one person, determined to help the environment through reducing waste, named Jina Lee(이진아). She chose to create this open-chatting room because she thought that it was the best way to show that she and the community she created is working steadily. When I asked her, "You make a (SSL) magazine, you run a (ThePicker) shop, and you have a (Dreamers of a World Without Waste) big community through Kakaotalk. I chose to make a website to write articles about plastic issues. To influence and reach a wide audience like you all do, what would be a tip or a way?' her reply was, 'I am sharing to the world that we are working for a purpose in the easiest way. I think that SNS is a big part in this as well.'

Screenshot 3 of chatting in the open-chatting room (perspective of Cherry, owner of GreenerisCleaner)

To join this open-chatting room in Kakaotalk, install the application and click the link below:


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