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If Earth Could Speak (poem)


I don't know how to recite

But a call by the earth, nature at its peak

Is a call I wouldn't dare to miss


Can you hear it

Can you sense it

Don't you see it

Hotter temperatures, increased drought, loss of species, little food, the health risks, poverty and displacements - nature's plea

The earth breathing yet you never get tired of suffocating it

Truly, it has loved you at the expense of its own survival leading to its extinction

The clean water and air

Safe food and shelter ; the youthfulness of the earth

Yet you oh silly you

You have still refused to reciprocate to its love

You have ignored, forgotten the sad fact that there's no planet B

Except this only A that you keep destroying mercilessly

You have got rid of its grace

Ripped off its beauty, splendor and fragrance

That you know nothing of its essence


You found it here and you still need it here

Do you ever feel guilty

Huh perhaps you would then answer this call you have kept on wait

Listen to this nature's cry, voice and plea

Bring utopia to reality

Give my poem a good ending; scenic features filled with the chirping of the birds and the cool breeze

Inculcate every single word by letter

Listen, see, think and act

Plant that one tree for one by one makes a bundle

Walk, cycle, consider your travel

Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle

Use clean energy, eliminate food waste and eat plant based food

Consider biodiversity

Paint Mother Earth

Give me color; color green

For greener is cleaner

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