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"I'll refuse garbage"... “Precycling” products are popular

Spreading Good Consumption for the Earth (Earth Earth)

In order to prevent environmental pollution, which is intensifying every year, there are a growing number of cases in which consumers practice their own ecology. The result of environmental pollution, from the four-year-long fine dust and the recent plastic issue, is that it has a direct impact on the lives and health of “I” and “my family” beyond harming aesthetics.

Recently, the concept of 'pre-cycling', which reduces waste before purchasing products beyond the concept of recycling, has been spreading, and eco-friendly products of various brands, ranging from food and beverage to fashion, have attracted consumers' attention. In particular, in the case of eco-friendly services provided by startup brands and small shops, the brand's unique personality and eco-friendly philosophy are synergistic, giving consumers a more special experience and gaining popularity.


Grocerant, The Picker, is filled with fresh groceries instead of unnecessary packaging

The Picker, the nation's first zero-waste lifestyle platform, is a 'Grocerant' brand that monitors and reduces the generation of various wastes, centering on reducing packaging waste. 'Grocerant' is a word that combines grocery and restaurant. The Picker operates a bulk sale of seasonal foods such as vegetables, grains, and fruits without a packaging package, and a restaurant that presents vegetarian menus using some ingredients.

In particular, the Picker's online homepage offers a variety of ways to reduce waste in everyday life, as well as new information about ZeroWaste Life through the brand's ongoing environmental protection campaign.

Clutch & Passport wallet in sturdy cotton bag instead of vinyl, Sunday Morning SDMN

The total lifestyle brand Sunday Morning SDMN delivers its products, including clutches and passport wallets, in durable, versatile cotton bags.

This is to prevent unnecessary waste in the process of delivering the product to the customer. In addition, Sunday Morning is focusing on introducing products that can be used for a long time and are deeply fashionable, not just fashion items as simple consumables, based on the philosophy of 'sustainable design'.

In particular, Sunday Morning's clutch 'Porto' and passport wallet 'Volo' are made of durable and soft paper-like 'tagged paper'. Period can be used. Sunday Morning's products meet the brand's unique colors and trendy designs through the crowdfunding site Wadiz.

Yeonnam-dong Earth Earth, a coffee shop that declares plastic zero

'Earth Earth,' a coffee shop located in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, is famous for its plastic cupless café. Disposable plastic cups, straws, and napkins are not found in the store, and there is no take-out service using disposable containers.

Customers who come with the store's tumbler will receive a discount of 2,000 won on the price of the drink, and the bakery menu and the remaining food will be packaged only through the customer's multi-use packaging. You can check the official Instagram on the Earth Earth store information and daily news, and you can also find a variety of news that incorporates the brand's philosophy, such as cakes in multi-use packaging and drinks in various tumblers.



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