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Four ranks created by Corona 19: 'New Caste Age'


Along with the spread of the new virus infection (corona19), there is a point that the global polarization problem is getting worse. First of all, many of the dead and infected in each country are vulnerable, such as people of color, low-income, elderly, and foreign workers. The economic hardships caused by Corona19, such as unemployment and housing shortages, are also severely affected by other groups.

In the midst of this, the wealthy are enjoying a comfortable escape from luxury yachts on the sea, state-of-the-art underground bunkers and remote islands. Some investors have seen astronomical interests by putting money on the worsening economy. Even analysis shows that Corona 19 is advancing the arrival of the “new caste era” by deepening class differentiation.

Former California Secretary of State Bill Clinton, former professor of California at the University of California, Robert Rice, defined four classes in the Guardian article on the 26th of last month, saying that "Corona 19 deepened the division of the U.S. class."

The first is 'The Remotes.' Professional, managerial, and technical workers who work long hours with a laptop and have a relatively low risk of corona19 infection. Most of all, they receive almost the same salary as pre-Corona 19 times.

The second is “The Essentials,” including soldiers, medical personnel, police officers, and firefighters. Although there is little risk of unemployment, it is exposed to the risk of infection because the site must be maintained even in the case of Corona 19.

The third is ‘The Unpaid,’ which refers to those who are unemployed and unpaid leave due to corona19.

The last is ‘The Forgotten,’ which means people living in prisons, homeless facilities, and immigration camps. The risk of infection is very high because it is virtually impossible to live in a group and socialize.

"Three other classes, except the first, are usually black and Hispanic," said Professor Raishi. "If you neglect them, you won't be able to guarantee the safety of the first class." Online media Axios also pointed out that "there was a clear line between those with and without Corona 19," and the time has come for the availability of teleworking and the existence of medical insurance to determine life and death. It means a kind of “new Darwinism.”

With the prolongation of Corona 19, some vulnerable groups are giving up treatment even if they get Corona 19. In a poll on the 28th of last month, 10% of adults over the age of 18 said, "If I get corona19, I will give up both treatment and testing."

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