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Fine plastics on all seafood

Citizens often buy clams, turban shells, oysters and shrimp. When commissioned to research institutes and expanded to special equipment, microplastics begin to appear one by one.

Microplastics were found in all four types of seafood left by reporters. On average, it contained 1 to 2 pieces. In particular, an average of 3 pieces of microplastic per piece came out in oysters. Materials such as polystyrene used in disposable packaging containers were the most detected.

Even in the case of marine products and fish, microplastics enter the body through feeding activities. Plastics are mostly detected on the marine products side. There is no relevant standard as how microplastics affect humans has not been properly validated.

According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, you can reduce the intake of microplastics by removing the intestines for seafood and cooking the shellfish after it has been sufficiently relieved.



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