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Earth warning? Australia's snow in 40 years.. 14 degrees below zero

The scenery of Tasmania, Australia on June 13 (left) before the snow accumulation and August 4 after the snow accumulation. (Tasmanian resident Instagram @chelmaybell)

Is it a warning from the earth? The first snowfall in 40 years in an Australian village. Australian Daily Mail and ABC Broadcasting said that an unusual situation occurred, such as an unusual heavy snowfall in southeastern Australia on August 7.

On the 4th, snow piled up in Launceston, Tasmania, after 40 years. "The last snowfall on Launceston was in the early 1970s," said Matthew Thomas of the Australian Meteorological Agency (BOM) and "a very rare phenomenon." He also explained that although there were times in other areas of Tasmania such as Hobart City in 1986 and 2015, it was not enough to accumulate.

(Instagram @chelmaybell)
(Clyde Russell Twitter)

"I've never seen enough snow in Tasmania to be physically stepped on," Thomas said. He added that the amount of snowfall is not measured by the Meteorological Agency because it is very small even when it snows and it melts or turns into rain. Local meteorologist Simon Lewis also told ABC that "the weather situation is very unusual."

The Australian Meteorological Agency predicted on the 4th that it would be snow or rain accompanied by thunderstorms and gusts in Tasmania and Victoria due to the effects of cyclones formed in the Tasman Sea. As predicted, the southeastern part of Australia, where the cold wave continued every day, showed record snowfall, and 30cm of snow accumulated in Australia's second largest freshwater lake "Great Lake."

Residents who were trapped in their homes by a blockade in a rare heavy snow were excited. He enjoys winter skiing on the road, making snowmen. (Twitter)

In particular, the temperature of Liaweni, a small town in Tasmania, at 6 am on the 7th was -14.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature recorded in meteorological observations. The record was broken in June 1983 when the temperature in the area around the “Buslers Gorge” Gorge in central Tasmania dropped to -13 degrees Celsius.

When a rare heavy snow fell amid the cold wave warning, the residents who were trapped in their homes due to the blockade were excited. He enjoys winter skiing on the road, making snowmen. Wild animals are a bit embarrassed. The wombat, which can only be found in Tasmania, Australia, was wandering because it could not find the entrance to the burrow.

The Australian Meteorological Agency said, "As the cold front spreads widely, the odd weather will continue until mid-next week," and called for preparation, saying, "It can be colder especially at night."


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