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Do you know the Earth's birthday with a mask?

Preventing COVID19 by wearing a mask (Vecteezy)

April 22nd is Earth's 50th birthday! Earth Day was created with the goal of recognizing the preciousness of the Earth and protecting the natural environment! However, the entire global village is now covered with a mask. Who predicted when this day would come? In the reality of the unpredictable Corona19 virus, we are suffering all over the world.

As the Corona 19 virus takes away precious lives of human beings, and as the infection continues to increase, the number of damages increases as the daily economic recession and unemployment rate continues to increase. Became everyday.

However, in fact, the Earth has suffered seriously since the acceleration of global warming. Typhoons, earthquakes, desertifications, droughts, floods, etc. are the phenomena produced by the Earth, which suffers from climate anomalies, and these natural anomalies have developed into natural disasters in various cases, threatening humanity.

This can be seen from a long time ago that the severity and severity of climate change will increase the aftermath and intensity of the threat of nature, and the worst future that could threaten the right to survive and deprive the property of humanity. The image suggests that there is a possibility that the entire corona19 virus will appear similar to that of the whole world.

The average temperature of the earth is rising gradually, and the temperature rise phenomenon will cause the danger of climate change due to various factors such as causative factors that increase greenhouse gas emissions, and the earth's body will continue to go deeper. In other words, it can be said that mankind is faced with the reality that the natural disaster phenomenon can come back without notice at any time following the catastrophe disease called corona19 virus.

Another natural threat to climate change is a situation that could lead to a food crisis that would reduce the serious food in the global village. “The counterattack of food” due to climate change is no exception. The disturbances of flora and fauna on the Korean Peninsula have already begun, and ironically, we have reached an unbalanced stabilization stage, so we cannot be absolutely relieved.

On Earth Day on April 22nd, the Ministry of Environment and local governments are trying to raise national interest in protecting the environment, such as the campaign to turn off the lights and campaign for low-carbon living for the purpose of saving electricity.

Right now we have good environmental campaigns, but on the one hand, we are aware of the question of whether or not the planet can be healthy through a short focused campaign, and the nature of climate change caused by global warming. It is advisable to keep an eye on the situation of the disasters and the potential threat of the food crisis and to make efforts to preserve the global environment.

Celebrating Earth's birthday on this 'Masked' Earth Day, reviewing the direction of environmental protection in everyday life, and recognizing that 'we are protecting the beautiful Earth' across the globe through the realization and direct practice of environmental protection. If the flower blooms, the 'masked' earth will restore its soundness and take off the mask to reveal a beautiful figure.



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