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Ban Ki-moon: "China's responsibility for fine dust is 30%... We are the 'Climate Villain'"

The weight of coal use should be reduced.
The disorderly environmental committees need to be consolidated.
Ban Ki-moon giving a lecture on climate crisis (Yonhap News)

Chairman Ban said in a meeting held at the National Assembly on the climate change from climate villains to climate leaders, and strengthening the response to the climate crisis through the Green New Deal. "Fine dust is also coming from Mongolia and North Korea, but our responsibility is greater."

Chairman Ban said South Korea is criticized as a "climate villain" in some parts of the international community. Climate villains are criticisms of some countries, such as Korea, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, where coal consumption is rarely reduced.

He said, "The first thing I reported to the President Moon Jae-in is the climate villain."

He said, "Korea is ranked 35th and 36th among 36 member countries of OECD countries in terms of fine dust and air quality."

Chairman Ban insisted that Korea should reduce its share of coal power in order to become a climate leader.

"The government said it would reduce the share of coal energy, but the target for 2034 is more than 10 percentage points higher than the figure in 1990," he criticized.

Ban Ki-moon giving a lecture on climate crisis (Yonhap News)

He also said, “Whenever the president of Korea changes, the president has a catchphrase and a presidential committee is created.” I hope that the various committees that are scattered will be arranged to consolidate the environment-related committees under the president.

About 50 people including Lee Nak-yeon, Jae-il Byun Jae-il Hong, Young-pyo Hong and Hong-pyo Lee attended the meeting, which was co-sponsored by three members of the Democratic Party.

Rep. Lee Nak-yeon said, "I think it is necessary for the chairman's proposal to consolidate the environment-related committee after the meeting."



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