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Are individual environmental actions enough?

Environmental actions are crucial for solving environmental crises. However, you might wonder, does it always have to be environmental actions carried out by a group or could individual environmental actions be enough for a better and greener earth too?

Let us review. There are individual environmental actions that are effective such as carrying out a lifestyle filled with sustainability, or the classic reduce, reuse and recycle or even just spreading the message or awareness online to other people on the internet. Yes, there are some things such as leading a greener lifestyle and reducing, reusing, and recycling, that can only be carried out by ourselves. However, an action such as spreading awareness physically or on the internet has proven to be more effective when carried out in an organisation, such as Greener is Cleaner, as the content of continuously sharing and spreading awareness is in a consistent effort and can be maintained as the work is divided equally among members of the committee and won't be a disruption to the undoubtedly busy lifestyle of citizens and common folks.

Aside from that, let us talk about leading a vibrant lifestyle filled with greenery. Yes, leading a lifestyle like that is totally up to us and can only be done by ourselves. It is totally up to us to choose to use all the most environmentally friendly ways of life. Is it effective? Why, yes, it is. Other than that, it is crucially important that we reduce, reuse and recycle all the time. Keep it in your mind and make it into a part of life as that is how it should be if we are leading to a brighter, better and greener earth.

Consistent efforts from environmental actions carried out by groups or organisations are definitely more effective and spreads the message faster. This is because as a team, we can make sure that environmental actions are consistently encouraged and roles are divided equally among individuals.

And now, is the question that we’re rather than asking, let us say exploring today. Are individual environmental actions enough?

Firstly, I’ll say that it isn’t enough but it isn’t not enough either as it is controversial based on the amount of effort or the action. Kind of confusing, isn’t it? Don’t worry, let me elaborate.

Let us say. You had decided to start, perhaps a blog to spread awareness and carry out environmental actions on your own. However, it doesn’t last long before you burn out and find it tiring and exhausting from all of the consistent posts. Therefore, you gradually become less inconsistent until you fail completely. Now, in this situation, it would be better for us to carry this out in groups.

However, if we’re talking about lifestyle. It can be effective and work perfectly fine if we’re doing it individually. You don’t always need to reduce, reuse and recycle by a team of people or an organisation, do we?

My conclusion from this topic is that it is controversial and individual environmental actions are totally fine as long as we are trying to help mother Earth. After all, something is better than nothing, isn’t it? However, when it comes to spreading awareness and influencing people from all over the world, it is proven effective that organisations or teams work better in a consistent way. To everyone reading the passage, know that it is always welcome for you to join us in Greener is Cleaner in order to lead us to a better, healthier and greener lifestyle and vibrant future!


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