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Adidas is leading the way in environmental protection... Increase in upcycling plastic

Adidas increases production of shoes from plastic waste (PAX Economic TV)

Adidas announced on May 5 that it will increase the proportion of recycled polyester in plastics used to produce products by more than 50 percent in 2020.

This year, Adidas plans to produce 15 million to 20 million pairs of footwear from coastal plastic waste. This is a significant increase from 1 million in 2017, 5 million in 2018, and 11 million pairs in 2019.

An adidas official said, "Adidas uses recycled plastics to prevent the generation of plastic waste and prevent global marine pollution. Based on our corporate philosophy of sustainability, we are increasing the use of sustainable materials and generating waste in advance. We are taking part in environmental protection through various activities such as prevention.”

In particular, in 2021, the Futurecraft. Loop, a running shoe that is 100% recyclable, will be launched on the market. The Futurecraft Loop, which began testing in 2019, is made of a single material that can be recycled from the sole to the shoelace without adhesive, resulting in no waste. Last year, it was tested on 200 athletes, and worn-out shoes were recovered by Adidas and recycled to create new sneakers.

In addition, Adidas and Stella McCartney plan to further reduce waste through the development of renewable raw materials, including the introduction of tennis clothing prototypes jointly developed with cellulose and protein-based bioprocessing technology.

Adidas restricts the use of plastics in the production and distribution of products. Since 2016, adidas stores have not used plastic bags, and from 2021, packaging materials used to transport products from manufacturing countries to store shelves will also be used as recycled materials. Adidas's efforts have resulted in about 40 tonnes of plastic waste falling each year.

In addition, adidas signed the Climate Protection Charter for the Fashion Industry under the UN Climate Change Convention, taking the lead in climate protection, and actively working to protect the environment through collaboration with international organizations.

Adidas said, “With the common goal of raising and improving awareness of the importance of the marine environment, we have established a variety of product lineups that utilize plastic waste, and sell them to consumers who are looking for stores. "We plan to keep you informed."


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