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6 Waterspouts rise in the eastern part of the United States at the same time

Waterspouts rising at the same time off the eastern coast of the United States (American meteorologist Scott Pile Facebook)

In the offshore of Louisiana, the United States, six dragons rose at the same time, creating a spectacular view.

On August 20th, waterspouts, a form of tornado occurring above the water, occurred simultaneously on the horizon about 241km southwest of Galliano, which is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico in North America, and spread through social media, the US Fox News reported on the day. did.

In the video, waterspouts stretched from the sea to the clouds, and clear blue skies were seen on both sides without waterspout. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) analyzes that it can occur in such a clear weather or a tornado situation.

In a tornado situation, bad weather such as a storm is accompanied, and the water stream goes from the sky to the water surface, but when it occurs in sunny weather, a column is formed from the surface to the clouds in the sky, which causes little movement and disappears when it reaches the land.

On the 19th, a waterspout occurred in the coastal waters of Florida, with minor damage. Meanwhile, the United States has recently placed an emergency in the Caribbean near the Gulf of Mexico due to the influence of tropical cyclones. It is still difficult to predict the size or route, but meteorologists predict that it could affect Louisiana and Texas next week.


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