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'190x the size of a soccer field' the largest photovoltaic power plant complex in Haenam, Korea

Power generation facility 98MW class, the largest storage capacity in the world

Solar Power Plant [Providing Hanyang, Reselling and Prohibiting DB]

The largest photovoltaic power plant in Korea that produces electricity that can be used by 27,000 households for one year was completed in the Jeollanam-do Haenam Solar City Project Construction District and started operation in earnest.

According to Jeonnam Province and Hanyang Co., Ltd. on the 29th, the recently completed solar power plant has the largest capacity in Korea, 98MW solar power generation facility and the world's largest capacity 306MWh energy storage device (ESS).

The Solar City project site was constructed on the site of 1.58 million m2 in the construction district of Haenam-gun, which is the area of ​​approximately 190 soccer fields.

The power generated by this power plant is about 129 GWh per year, which is the amount that 27,000 households can use for one year (based on 400 kWh/month per household).

Hanyang and Korea Southern Power, KB Asset Management, and Energy Infrastructure Asset Management invested together, and Hanyang directly carries out the entire business process from site creation, EPC (design procurement construction), and O&M (management and operation).

On the site of the power plant, there was also a 150,000-square-meter park,'Sun Garden,' which contains a vision for the development of an eco-friendly smart city solar city project.

Solar Power Plant Sun Garden [Providing Hanyang, Reselling and Prohibiting DB]

The motif of the sun symbolizes the coexistence of nature, people and energy. The diameter of the circular square is about 300m, and a viewing hill with a height of about 5m is also created in the center.

After completion, Hanyang plans to establish a facility operation and management system for solar power plants, including Sun Garden.

Using a drone equipped with a thermal image sensing function, it manages the abnormality of modules and ESS devices such as solar panels in real time.

In addition, it is planning to challenge various new and renewable energy businesses such as floating solar power and onshore wind power by securing experience and know-how in operating the power plant.

An official from Hanyang said, "It is the first achievement since entering the energy development business and a bridgehead for expanding to the new and renewable energy business."


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