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You'll Get Shocked Like The Rest Of The World

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Pacific Midway Atoll was a navy air base during the World War II. Now, what's left are only abandoned military facilities. If the past war was between humans and humans, the present war exists between albatross birds and plastic- from humans.

Chris Jordan is an American artist- former photographer of unique perspectives, present photographer of global issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, and overconsumption.

While being interviewed by reporters on the past month's 20th, he argued that art is a form of an environmental campaign, for it has the potential to cure human culture. "People try to solve all problems using their heads, but art can take things to a deeper level."

Chris Jordan pointed out that there are over 24 million plastic bags in the painting, Venus. (뉴스핌)

One Sobering Photograph

When he arrived at Mid Atoll in the year 2009, he found a corpse of an albatross with a stomach full of plastic pieces. The dead animal's fellows were swallowing deceptive plastic debris drifted from the ocean.

Jordan captured that exact phenomenon, publishing it for the world to contemplate the actions they are taking. The cruel results of humans' indescribable consumption were shown by one deep-seated photo.

This sobering photograph of a bird dead of awfully huge amounts of junk turned all faces grave. (The Guardian)

Since that turning point, Jordan took 8 years to create the documentary, Albatross (can be found on Vimeo), initially released in 2017. His photo works as well as movies can be found in a solo exhibition, 'Intolerable Beauty' at Sung-gok Art museum, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Intolerable Beauty official poster (

During his visit to South Korea on February 20th, he said that he felt the shock and horror from the enormous power of human beings destroying the ecosystem. He added that we are aware of the issue, but we are missing the key: how to make a meaningful change.

Under this perception, Jordan's work reveals the 'disturbing reality' we forget to live by.

Information on the Display in Korea

On the day starting the art showcase, February 22nd, people watched Albatross with Chris Jordan. On the second day of the exhibition, his master class commenced at 2 p.m. The display is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day except on Mondays.

After the nationwide touring exhibition in Seoul ends on May 5th, it will be followed by Busan (F1963 Chocheon Hall, May 21 ~ June 10), Suncheon (Suncheon Culture and Arts Center, August) and Jeju (Jeju Museum of Modern Art, October). The entire admission fee is used to fund the 'Plastic Zero' campaign.

Check out his Midway gallery:



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