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Still Making a Change Little By Little

Environmental Campaigns? Environmental campaigns. Climate change campaigns. We’ve heard it all. The effort is great but is it effective? Are they making a change? How important are these environmental advocacy campaigns?

Climate change protesters take to the streets around the world (NBC News)

Are They Effective and Impacting?

It is not clear whether these campaigns are successful in achieving their goals. However, according to a 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR study, more people feel personally responsible for tackling environmental issues.

Lots of surveys were carried out to see if citizens are willing to contribute for the environment with one survey indicating that four out of five people are willing to purchase less for preserving natural resources. People are getting educated about the environment and actions that need to be taken as they engage with environmental campaigns, while they are taking action too.

With these campaigns, people slowly come to an understanding that we have a direct effect on the environment, to climate change. With a better and clearer picture about this problem, people tend to be more aware about this and start to reflect on themselves. This helps citizens to be more involved.

Social Media and Its Impact

It's 2022. Campaigns are not carried out physically only, of course. Environmental organisations and campaigns can spread awareness through social media. Social media, one of the easiest ways to exchange and spread information on various topics. Therefore, it's one of the most effective ways to spread awareness. To spread and raise awareness, we need to ensure that the message gets to millions of people. What’s the solution? Social media! If the message spreads in the right way and goes viral.

Some people might think that spreading information through social media isn’t real activism. However, as long as we’re raising awareness about climate change, about the environment, with discussions on the internet, we’re in the right direction.


There’s no exact way to measure if these campaigns are impacting and affecting the public but we know that there are people out there motivated because of these climate change advocacies.

Start a Campaign?

By starting a campaign yourself can also motivate yourself to take a step too. After all, it's the change we’re making that matters. A little step at a time for us to work towards our goal together. Of course, you do not need to start a campaign by yourself. You could always engage in environmental acts by participating and associating with activities by organisations such as Greener is Cleaner, WWF etc. Have fun saving the environment together in the meantime too!

After all, all that matters is that we’re still making a change, even if it's little by little. Climate change is an essential issue for us to tackle. Bring our hands together for a better world.

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