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'Sik-Vengers,' the First 'Zero Restaurant'

'Sik-Vengers' zero-waste restaurant will open for the first time.

'Sik-Vengers' was first broadcasted in 7:40 PM on July 1st. ‘Sik-Vengers’ is a reality entertainment program in which celebrities open a zero-waste restaurant by developing new menus by entertainers and chef corps using the leftover ingredients from food places all over the country. In the last broadcast, cast members visited Gwangjang Market, the representative market of Seoul, and received remaining ingredients such as egg whites, octopus heads, and tough beef cutlets from stores. On July 1st, colorful foods were reborn by chefs Song Hoon, Wei-Won Won, and Kim Bong-Soo.

Ahead of the restaurant opening, the members cannot hide their tension. Bong Tae-gyu, Moon Ga-young, and Moon Bin, who are in charge of the hall team, continue to practice rehearsing by carefully checking the reservation time information, table matching, and menu introductions while continuing to “quiver.” Veteran chefs Song Hoon, Wei-Won Yu, and Bong-Soo Kim also demonstrate excitement and pressure at the same time, for it was their new attempt.

The business begins with the appearance of the first reservation guest, and Moon Bin falls into a mental collapse from the first order and laughs. Despite the thorough preparation, he continued to make mistakes and repeated saying: "Sorry." At the same time, however, it is said that Moon Bin played a role as an atmosphere-maker with a face full of passion. Moon Ga-young also boasted her perfect adaptability without exhaustion in the continuous customer procession.

After a long lunch break, the Song causes some trouble. An hour before the arrival of the guest, he suggested changing the menu to completely exhaust the ingredients, and he embarrassed the chefs. In a pressing situation, as the chefs were curious about what quirky menu they would develop, yet, the guests praised their alternative menus.

‘Sik-Vengers’ is aired at 7:40 PM on Olive and tvN at the same time every Wednesday.


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