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One Cute Blob Can Replace Water Bottles

Skipping Rocks Lab, a company founded in 2014 that is determined to make packaging disappear, produces innovations that develop sustainable packaging. Their explorations using organic materials like seaweed and other plants to make packaging are revolutionary. These products made by the pioneers from the Skipping Rocks Lab company can even substitute condiment containers and plastic water bottles. Their goal is to make anti-waste alternatives to plastic items.

This edible blob the cutest "on-the-go" eco-friendly container. (Packaging News)

Their greatest innovation with a catchy name called 'Ooho!' is a reusable and flexible packaging based on seaweed-extract. When disposed in a natural environment, it can be degraded in 6 weeks on average.

The faculty are looking forward to creating a machine that will automatically make 100 Oohos in only 5 to 10 minutes. These can be utilized by retailers to make fresh Oohos everyday, or by the Skipping Rocks Lab events team.

This company has a bright future supported not only by their partners but also by their teeming of unique and creative ideas.

Source: Gloria Park '25


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