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Is Climate Change Real?

Currently, society is paying a lot of attention and effort to solve climate change. Nowadays, society is rapidly changing centered on the climate crisis. Also, the word 'climate crisis' has started to change perception and make people recognize the seriousness of climate change. Then, what is climate change?

Climate change is the gradual change of at least a few decades in the global or regional climate. It means that the average state of the atmosphere throughout 10 to millions of years changes into a new climate pattern. In the end, it means climate "change." So, what is the cause of climate change?

There are two leading causes of climate change. Some are caused by anthropogenic human activity, natural changes cause some, and some are caused by actions inside the earth or by external forces. Internal or external forces include changes in solar radiation, the Milankovitch cycle, and increased stratospheric aerosols from volcanic activity.

However, the current scientific community believes that climate change in the 21st century is caused by human actions, not by unprecedented and standard changes. Scientists say that the increase in global surface temperatures in recent decades is primarily due to anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. In other words, it has already been proven scientifically that climate change is a 'fact' and that it is caused by humanity. According to the IPCC Fifth Report, there is a greater chance than 95% that human influences have been the leading cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century.

To conclude, in this writing, we investigated the definition and cause of climate change and the claims of the current scientific community. Climate change makes phenomena like the Indian Ocean dipole more frequent, creating extreme weather events and damaging us with increased insect populations and food shortages. There is not much time left. As this is the last opportunity given to humanity, how about trying together?



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