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COP27 Wrap Up (Op-ed)

(World Economic Forum)

COP27 is an event organized by the United Nations Environment program. It stands for 27th united nations climate change conference. It was held from 6th November to 18th November 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. This event had a vision of implementing the plans and taking action upon the planned activities. Some of the major initiatives include Global Waste 50 by 2050, Surge-i, Lotus etc. This conference lasted for several days with discussion panels and international climate activists and organizations. The Goals of the conference include mitigation, adaptation, finance and collaboration.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said, “I deeply believe that COP27 is an opportunity to showcase unity against an existential threat that we can only overcome through concerted action and effective implementation.”

The conference began with Finance Day on 9th Nov 2022, Finance being the core requirement for action and bringing change, it has to be considered first. The plans made are of no use if there is no arrangement of funds to be deployed on that to ensure climate protection and betterment. The elements of the day included an opening speech by the prime minister on climate finance in the poly-crises era. It was followed by public policy of sovereign debt for climate and reduction of cost of green borrowing. Financing adaptations and role of regulatory bodies, voice of Africa etc. were discussed deeply.

On 10th Nov 2022, Science day, the efforts to tackle climate change using global scientific research was acknowledged. Africa’s Changing environment and COP27 Global Stocktake climate datathon were discussed by world leaders. This was followed up by Youth and Future generations day on the same day, where they took into account the youth led climate forum and young Africa for adaptations and policy dialogue.

The Decarbonization Day was on 11th Nov 2022, where they discussed decarbonizing steel industry and global methane pledge. They made low carbon pathways for Africa and world climate change. They talked about decarbonizing cement and fertilizers etc.


The next day, on 12th Nov 2022, Adaptation and Agriculture Day was celebrated where they talked about iCan, sustainable transformative initiatives and adaptation technologies to minimize losses and damage to climate and infrastructure. Aim For C ministerial, KJWA Ministerial panel and food security and nutrition.

On 14th Nov 2022, Gender Day was organized. These key elements included Women’s Agency in climate dialogue, African women climate change realities as well as Women at the center of planning and Response For global climate change. The women livelihood with transition and consequences when achieving sustainable development.

The next day, 15th Nov 2022, Water Day was the theme for discussion, where they talked about water security and climate adaption. They discussed Earth observation systems and early warning for adaptations. On Ace and Civil Society Day, they also talked about Ace and Civil Society on implementing the ACE Framework. They discussed new energy technologies and the green hydrogen economy on Energy Day. The financing of clean energy transition for climate change control and betterment and Energy security were taken into account.

(The Conversation)

On 16th, the theme was Biodiversity day, Where they talked about climate change nexus, benefits solutions for biodiversity etc as a part of HOPE. They had a vision of scaling urgent action on climate change crises as well. And finally, on 17th Nov 2022, they discussed solutions for the problems such as urban mobility and sustainable transportation systems, Investment plans, 1000+ efficient solutions to COP27, Housing ministry and WUF12. Climate solutions by the private sector were also discussed.


COP27 official website

UNFCCC website



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