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Climate Change: The End of Humanity?

By now, humans are familiar with the terms “climate change”, “global warming” etc. Some people shrugged their shoulders and said, “environmental crises, that is.” Are actions taken? Yes. But is it enough? No, not yet. My eyebrows furrowed at the thought of all these issues threatening us, humans, a population of nearly 8 billion people and how little people take notice and are aware of how important solving and preventing these issues might be. Oh, how will we survive?

We’ve all always been taught about extinction growing up. The extinction of animals; such as mammoths and dodo birds. The extinction of plants; such as Cooksonias and Sigillarias. You get the idea, don’t you? Extinction is like being wiped out of the Earth completely, with nothing left in the world about you. Scary, isn’t it? We’ve always seen animals and plants extinct, but there is always the possibility of humans becoming extinct too. We’re also a species after all. What if I told you that the environmental crises that we’re facing will soon threaten humanity? And this might be the end?

According to scientists, the possibility of climate change leading us to the end of humanity is “dangerously under-explored”. At 1.5 degrees warming, about 14 percent of Earth's population will be exposed to severe heat waves at least once every five years. At 2 degrees warming that number jumps to 37 percent. Heat waves cause a lot of health issues to humans, from dehydration to blood clots. As serious as it seems, you can just imagine the amount of damage severe heat waves can do to our bodies. People will fall sick at a rapid speed in the blink of an eye. All because of the climate crisis happening around us and how we did not try to stop it.

Global warming heats the Earth up. This makes it a threat to the ecosystems. It melts ice from all around the world, which threatens the habitat of polar bears. We know about the effects of excessive heat and how it causes sickness to our bodies. Did you know that global warming is a cause of human activities such as fossil fuel burnings. Perhaps you knew, perhaps you didn’t. But I’m putting it here that it’s not new that humans are constantly causing harm to the planet that gave us home.

We can change that.

We can make a change.

This generation might just make a turn for the best.


Oh, dear, there are many ways and one of them are spreading awareness.

To everyone out there, we all play a big role in this environmental crisis that has pestered us for decades and even centuries. Helping the Earth might sound challenging, but it really isn’t, just a small effort when each and everyone plays our part might cause a miracle, a spark that can brighten the world for all of us.

Spread Awareness

That sounds like the easiest and most common way of solving a climate crisis, doesn't it? But it does make an impact. The more people are truly aware about what we’re facing, the more impact and solution that we can find.

How do you spread awareness about these issues?

  1. You do what you love. What do you love? What is your hobby? It could be drawing, reading, writing, designing etc. Utilise your skills and connect them to the heart of our mother Earth. Spread the love you have towards your planet and there is where your inspiration comes to spread awareness through the delicate piece of art, a truly magnificent masterpiece, that you can create with your mind and hands. Moreover, there are always organisations (youth organisations, NGOs etc.) out there you can join to put in a little more effort into helping to spread the love and make the impact bigger.

  2. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Yes, it’s as simple as that. Put this practice into your daily life and you’re helping the Earth slowly but surely and with millions or billions of people doing the same thing in the world, can you imagine the wonderful impact that we are creating. With one, we might seem small but as a team, we’re invincible. Keep it in mind: “Reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Climate Change = The End of The World?

I don’t think so. If we put all our hands together, the sparkle that we can create will be brighter than the Sun.

Climate Change (Freerange Stock)


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