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Beyond Borders: Exploring Sustainable Lifestyles in 2022's Top Green Nations

This article will talk about the five best countries ranked by the EPI (Environmental Performance Index) in 2022 and what actions they are taking to be ranked that way.

Leading the list is Denmark with a score of 77.9, Denmark is impulsing a green investment and their alliance with the private market to achieve that goal, they pretend to reduce 70% of their emissions by 2030, and they are seeking to partner with other nations to impulse their “global climate ambitions” to have a greater impact; 

Their goals are not only towards emission reductions but also to wellbeing, as minister Rasmus Prehn said "Denmark's global climate efforts must be a central part of our development cooperation. Things are connected. The fight for the climate also contributes to the fight against poverty, hunger, and inequality.” (State of green, October 2020).

The United Kingdom (UK) with a score of 77.7, the UK is targeting the energy industry by increasing its numbers of renewable energy to reduce its emissions by 100% in 2050, but they are not only working in their country’s emissions but also in their industry emissions that according to Greenpeace its 1.8 times bigger than in the whole UK, they are commitment to “reduce their funding in fossil fuel projects” (Greenpeace, retrieved on December 2023). 

Society is also doing its part and creating apps to make it easier to find green options for buying local, finding second-hand stores, places to where donate things and food, and many other things.

Finland with a score of 76.5 strongly believes that the solution starts with education and environmental education goes from kindergarten to university, all people can help and they also believe that technological and social innovation is the key to a solution, they aim to reduce their emission by 100% in 2035, even in 2021 their fossil fuel mix used in energy were of 36% according to the World Economic Forum on June 2023.

Malta with a score of 75.2 aims to have a transition toward a green and blue economy, ensure the well-being and fairness of all, and accelerate the digital transformation and connectivity towards 2050.

Last but not least, Sweden with a score of 72.7 obtained 60% of their from renewables and they aim to increase their percentage of renewable energy by 100% in 2045 according to the Swedish Institute, they are impulsing the society toward a circular economy making it easy for the consumer to recycle to the point where is not just a duty for the planet, but something makes automatically while innovating to find better solutions and usages, also by having electric busses that are emission-free and the first wireless electric road to charge the car while driving, promoting the urban farming and having green cities, food banks and apiculture, also aiming for a zero waste economy.

These countries serve as examples of what we can do as a society and give their people the option towards a greener lifestyle, Which one do you like? and as we explore these initiatives, What actions can you take to life greener and have a sustainable future in your country?


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