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All Up to Us


If you hadn’t heard about COVID-19, I guarantee you that there’s a 80% chance that you’ve been living under a rock. Well, of course you’ve heard about it.

After living in a pandemic for a few years, how do we feel? We all know that this pandemic had made a great impact, whether good or bad, towards us humans mentally and physically. The pandemic has affected everything, whether big or small and this includes our environment, climate change and more.

CO2 (Tapioview)

What did COVID-19 do to Our Environment?

COVID-19 affects millions, perhaps even billions of people worldwide. When you think of COVID-19, there may be more negativity than positivity for you. However, the impact that it makes towards climate change is rather intriguing.

It was proven that the CO2 emissions and human mobility have been reduced. This is improving the air quality and more animals to come out and explore. Air quality has improved in certain regions. Industries, transportations and others had been forced to stop due to the virus. Transportations was not put to use as everyone was working and studying from home. All these changes happened in just a few weeks, achieving something that scientists thought would have taken years of effort and environmental actions.

However, something surprising is that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere continued to grow at about the same rate as in preceding years.

Environmental Action

The pandemic may have caused a lot of trouble to us but its positive impact towards the environment is undeniable. Who knows? COVID-19 may be the turning point for our human behaviour towards climate change and other environmental crises.

This pandemic gave humans a lesson about how great our impact was to the environment and how our temporary change of lifestyle could impact our mother Earth that greatly. This pandemic might lead us to greater environmental actions.

For example, now humans would have a clearer picture of what can be achieved online such as shopping and online shopping. We need to use our vehicle in order to go to the mall. If this happens long term, it might contribute to the negative impacts to the environment. However, throughout the pandemic, we realised how online shopping could do the same without hurting the environment and we have all the time we want just choosing from our device screens.

The Pandemic & The Environment

Nobody wanted to reduce carbon emissions this way. No one expected that this health crisis would have helped us in this way. This pandemic had made things a lot harder for us, as well as taught us lessons.

The pandemic is temporary so carbon emission might continue to increase more and more. This is where us humans need to take action. COVID-19 might’ve helped us for a while but for the environment to get gradually better and better, humans need to take this situation seriously and make efforts.

It’s all up to us.

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