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A Technology To Earth’s Oldest Problem

Smart and resilient cities: How can big data inform spatial design and planning for urban resilience? (Medium)

A phrase saying be part of the solution, and not part of the pollution has been wandering around to ask another question; why is finding solutions to environmental problems so difficult, isn’t it easy when all you have to do is to recycle and to use renewable energy ? Well yes it is true that these problems are complex and a hard problem to resolve especially when the components of the environment are linked. There is no right or wrong way of solving them. The environmental problem is referred to as a cruel problem if you want the theoretical underpinnings. And as a simple term, there is no proposed solution that could solve the issue 100%, there will likely have unforeseen side effects. For this problem, we can only use our best judgement to find the least worst solution

By the words of George M. Keller, “ I’m not sure what solutions we’ll find to deal with all our environmental problems, but I’m sure of this : They will be provided by industry; they will be products of technology. Where else can they come from ? ” Proves a point that technology, used in the right circle could probably help us through this mess. In the past technology has helped us simplify our lives, it has made the world a smaller place. It assisted in fighting off the deadliest diseases, and solved the most complicated problems for us. And moving on to the next problem that stands before us is the ecological changes, the potential that technology has would create an impact for our environment.

Environmental technology is also known as green/clean technology and refers to a development of new technologies which aim to conserve and reduce the consumptions of resources. The Paris Agreement, signed in 2016, required every country in the world to combat climate change by keeping the rise in the global average temperature at less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. And starting from renewable/clean energy the effort could start. Modern environmental technology has made it possible to take this naturally occurring energy and convert it into electricity or usable heat through devices such as solar panels, wind and hydraulic turbines. This reflects the significant positive impact this technology has on the environment.

Continuing the list, adopting smart technology is believed to produce a big change towards the problem. Smart technology would come up with ways to help the health of the Earth. These homes are paintings on superior sensors that help in saving strength in day by day activities. Usually powered with the aid of using a renewable strength source, technology has been increasing connectivity as a result of smart sensors in buildings and cities. Electric cars like Tesla have 3 pictures on their rechargeable batteries. These eco-friendly cars supply about 62% of the engine power, while traditional cars use 1721% of the total power most effectively and are fuel-powered on a daily basis.

The topic saying that a development of technology would be a controversial topic looking back to the topic saying that changes in the way that people utilise global resources could be a solution towards the environmental issue. But it should be known that natural resource use from unsustainable consumption and production may have their very own consequences for people around the world especially when more materials are used in a less efficient way. Let’s start with noticing that not all countries have the same common technology to process these natural resources efficiently, in short raw material processing itself could have an impact on the environment resulting in soil degradation, water shortages, biodiversity loss, damage to the ecosystem, and global exacerbation. Some of these resources that include coal, oil, and gas are believed to create the energy that powers unsustainable consumption. Other than that the poorest people are the ones that are directly dependent on natural resources and when the government decides to use nature as their first option to the solution these people are most exposed to risk from damage to these resources, with the least means and support to cope with the consequences. There’s is no right or wrong way to solve the problem, we can only use our best judgement to find the least worst solution.


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