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Eco Loci II

The second conference was held on July 17-18th, 2021, with the Curae Organization and Environmental Frontline Organization. 191 participants aged 13-29 joined the sessions that addressed Genetic Modification, Decreasing Carbon Emissions, and Disposal of Medical Waste under the theme of 'Bouncing Back from Challenges.'

Recap videos:

Eco Loci I

The first conference under the theme of 'Youth for Change in the 21st Century' was held on February 6th, 2021, in partnership with the Curae organization and the WeTogether organization. 98 participants of ages 8-40 came together to discuss Sustainable Lifestyle and Fashion, Greener and Cleaner 2040, and Our Role in Climate Change.

Eco Loci III

The third conference was held on March 5-6th, 2022, with the Curae Organization. 70 participants aged 12-35 engaged in activities and conversations about how we could prevent and stop deforestation by 2030.

Eco Loci IV

Eco Loci's 4th edition with the theme "sustainable living" was held in hybrid (offline seminar and online webinar) during the 4th and 5th of May 2022. Five members of Greener is Cleaner, Xin Yi, Aiko Chang, Nga Yu En (Lydia), Nga Jia En (Lydia), and Zi Xin from Ipoh Malaysia courageously planned this event at their school. For the seminar, Carys Wong, a knowledgeable guest speaker from WWF Malaysia, spoke on water conservation. We also had a competitive Kahoot game and a planting activity that was fun. In the webinar, we invited Nathan, the founder of Microphone Initiative, Divya Kilikar from the ClimACT Initiative, and our founder, Cherry Sung, to speak about different topics. 

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Eco Loci VI

On November 26th, 2022, more than 50 youths from Bhutan, South Korea, Colombia, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Lebanon, Bolivia, Uzbekistan, and more countries around the world gathered around to discuss and learn more about our global climate emergency in the Eco Loci VI conference! The theme was “Thinking Critically for Our Future: COP27.” We learned more about COP, what happened in the most recent COP, and the greenwashing that unfortunately happened in COP27. We also discussed our concerns regarding the climate events of this year in countries represented by our participants.

It was a beautiful moment where youths could have a space of reflection and see what actions could be taken in our communities. One of the participants said, “It is really important to observe and discuss what and how climate change is affecting human life.” Another said, “I congratulate Greener is Cleaner for creating this space where you openly deal with environmental issues. The dynamics of the meeting was incredible; new things were always learned, and it was very interactive. I feel grateful for having participated in this space.”

Eco Loci V

For Eco Loci's 5th iteration, Eco Loci was held privately through a collaboration with the Explore N Express project that connects students from India, Spain, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Bhutan, and Lithuania. Cherry Sung (Greener is Cleaner founder) spoke about youth empowerment for environmental action, while Deepika Neryanuri (Curae Organization founder) spoke about eco-anxiety.

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