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27 September 2019

A week after the national climate strike, there was a school strike for the climate. Cherry led a group of 50 students from her school to the strike and gave a speech in front of all participants.


22 June 2020

Cherry and her mom joined the Zero Carbons campaign, protesting in front of POSCO, South Korea's biggest steel-making company, against its excessive carbon emissoins.

24 July 2020

The last round of the 2020 Low-Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) debate was held at COEX. Cherry joined the Climate Crisis Emergency Action and Climate Kim Dinosaur organizations' picketing performance denouncing the debate for a LEDS without a 1.5 degrees goal.

25 September 2020

We are already experiencing a climate crisis. We can’t wait. Stop the coal business NOW! Enforce the 2030 CO2 reduction plan by over double its present status! The 2020 Global School Strike for the Climate was held hybrid, with only speakers present at the venue (in front of the National Assembly) and participants joining online. Cherry gave a speech requesting the decision-makers to listen to youths fighting for climate action, highlighting that we are not just “praiseworthy” students.

23 September 2022

Members of Greener is Cleaner joined the Global Climate Strike in South Korea organized by Youth 4 Climate Action Korea. Although it rained initially, the event was held successfully, with numerous young climate advocates striking, speaking up, singing, dancing, and performing. In the end, we delivered a letter request for greater climate action on behalf of all youth participants to the presidential office. The slogan 'We also see a crisis' contains the meaning that we can define and face the crisis in our own way. It is a slogan that reveals the subjectivity that we can tell our own story rather than being represented by others. And ‘we’ here means us in an inclusive sense, not merely as a person or merely as a minority or a specific victim. The strike at Yongsan to the presidential office is to show that we are beings who can speak up at any time. It is not about giving someone a chance; it's about constantly knocking on the door.

23 September 2023

On this day, over 30,000 people joined in the Climate Justice March in Seoul.

The protest targeted 5 demands:

  1. Guarantee everyone’s right to live safely without dying from climate disasters.

  2. Realize an equitable transition from nuclear power and fossil fuels to public renewable energy that provides jobs for workers.

  3. Stop the privatization of railways and expand public transportation to guarantee everyone’s right to mobility.

  4. Prevent new airport construction and national park development projects that destroy the ecosystem and aggravate the climate crisis.

  5. Hold polluters, including large corporations and the wealthy, accountable, and listen to the voices of those at the forefront of the climate crisis.

21 September 2019

Cherry participated in the global climate strike in South Korea as a Greenpeace volunteer with her family! This was the first mass climate rally that took place in South Korea.

11 June 2020

Cherry joined the Climate Crisis Emergency Action organization's protest in front of the National Assembly. There, she met Professor Cheon-ho Cho, an active climate advocate and the former President of the National Institute of Meteorological Sciences. She tied a message saying, "Both humankind and the Earth are not single-use," to the fence.

7 July 2020

The Zero Carbons Campaign also took place in Hongdae, a densely-populated neighborhood, to raise awareness about the climate emergency.

23 September 2020

Greener is Cleaner also conducted a digital strike with Chadwick International school students and faculty with the theme, #FACE the Climate Emergency, in response to the COVID-19 spread.

25 March 2022

After a long hiatus in climate strikes due to the global pandemic, students around the world joined the #PeopleNotProfit global climate strike both physically in their countries and digitally on their devices. Members of Greener is Cleaner (below) took part in the strike in South Korea, marching in front of the Gyeong-bokgung palace with the Youth 4 Climate Action Korea organization. Participants shared their vision of the environment for the upcoming five years, considering the new president in South Korea. Youths have a right to be free of concerns regarding their future environment. We have a right to live in a green and clean environment. All members of Greener is Cleaner stand in solidarity to fight for our world, our environment, our health, our families, and our futures. This message is contained in the digital climate strike video on the left.

24 September 2022

On this day, over 30,000 people and 200 organizations marched in the streets in front of the Seoul City Hall and past the Gwanghwamun, where our ancestors protested for justice, for climate justice. This was a full offline demonstration for the climate in 3 years! The event included pre-event booths, speeches, a march, a die-in performance, and more. We chanted, “Climate crisis, we can no longer live this way” throughout the march. It was a very lively and empowering event where passionate climate advocates could amplify their voices, stand in solidarity, and share their visions.

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