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World Car-Free Days

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Photo from Vecteezy

Perhaps you did not know, the 22nd of September is World Car-Free Day. In some places, it lasts for a day while some lasts longer. Just by reading the title, you probably have a picture of just what this day might be about. As the name suggests, this is the day where the world allows each and everyone of us to experience streets without cars. World Car-Free Day encourages drivers and people to give up their cars for a day.

People of this generation have probably been living with the presence of cars for our whole lives. Though these vehicles may be a part of our daily life and we probably think cars are essential for us to travel from one place to another, have we ever thought about the bad impact cars are causing to us, to the world and our mother Earth?

Air Pollution

Air pollution was never a stranger to us. Some people think that we’ve been living with the presence of air pollution half our lives and we’re still fine, for now. Car emissions are one of the biggest reasons and causes of air pollution. If this goes on, what do you think our future will be? Can you imagine walking down the streets filled with polluted air? A sign of fresh air not to be seen?

World Car-Free Days aims to help us recognise and realise how different it could be without car emissions. These days are like a showcase for us to see how without cars humans could live a different but better life too.

The Traffic

Cars and vehicles cause traffic jams, we all know these. Vehicles were invented for us to get to places more easily, yet traffic jams do the exact opposite. Isn’t it ironic? Study has also shown that for short trips to, for example, the grocery store, biking or walking would be way faster than riding a car.

Moreover, traffic jams are often caused by accidents on the road which most oftenly are caused by cars. Research has proved that roughluy 40 percent of cars on Earth have gotten into car accidents. Isn’t this kind of dangerous too?

I am not saying that cars aren’t helping us but there are other alternatives we could use to get to places and reduce the usage of cars to avoid car emissions that can cause air pollution that we do not want. Who wants to breathe in smoke every day?

World Car-Free Day

Even if the celebration of this day isn't compulsory, I hope you see the meaningful purpose behind this day. It’s not difficult to take part or show support for this celebration.

Just give up your car for a while and perhaps, choose a sustainable vehicle. Biking may even help you exercise and get to the destination you’re headed to. Spend some time with nature and fresh air. This is what World Car-Free Day is about.

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