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Plastic Ban Proposal in Chadwick International

The Plastic Ban Proposal, written by the Sustainability Committee last year, has not created much effect because the head of school didn't send a response back.

Therefore, Greener is Cleaner decided to put the students' attention to this proposal by setting up a petition in an area all students pass by. We used a previously-used styrofoam board that we got from the art room. Even though we do realize that the most eco-friendly way for putting up such petition would be sending a mail to the school. However, we chose to set up a physical visual because we have observed that announcements or reminders through the mail do not reach many people. This may be because not everyone reads all of his/her mails, or because they feel like not much would be done through his/her participation through the device.

Based on these examinations, we put up a physical petition in the school's hotspot. Greener is Cleaner printed the QR codes of 1) the plastic ban proposal in Chadwick International and 2) letters to the head of school, Mr. Hill, written by students, teachers, different clubs, and parent body.

It has been 2 weeks since we placed the petition, and we got feedback that people find enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment or a feeling of doing something good from putting their own signature on the petition with their own hands.

We really hope this petition, brought to the school by Greener is Cleaner, will not only encourage the school to implement the project and enact specific measures by the end of the school year but also bring more attention to how the Sustainability Committee and Greener is Cleaner club view the school's consumption of plastic.

If you are a student, teacher, or a faculty in Chadwick International reading this article right now, please sign the petition for agreeing upon the Plastic Ban Proposal!



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