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Do You Know How 'Upcycling' Protects the environment?

Called "upcycling," or "업사이클링," and in Korean: "new use," or "새활용," the word means an activity to make a new use by adding design to resources that are thrown away.

What are some of the new products that have been reborn?

Have you heard of Vidrios San Miguel? I only knew that there were a lot of pretty glass items. Well, they were all made of waste glass.

It is said that he uses only discarded glass to reduce the glass waste and the energy used to make glass. Even the design of his products is great.

The water bottle and the cup look really good. I wonder what kind of color and material the original glass was made of.

This square frame bottle with unsteadily curvy lines is a popular model for flower vases.

Let's appreciate the unique coolness and neatness of glass. Why don't we purchase Vidrios San Miguel's products that include a meaning of "a new one?"

Starbucks "Recycled 5500 tons this year .. 97% recycling rate" (Maeil News)

I thought coffee grounds from my daily drinking coffee were just thrown away, but there are places that they can be recycled for composting, biofuel research, and pilot production.

I was worried about the quantity of leftover coffee grounds, which seemed to be much larger than I thought. Therefore, I searched articles, and found out that there was a brand called 'Earth Ground' that makes pots with coffee grounds!

Since it is handmade, fine air gaps and scratches make the pot has a sense of naturalistic look. It's impressive that the slope is designed differently so that the plant won't miss even a handful of sunlight.

The pots are not made with 100% coffee grounds, but they are made from a mix of waste wood and coffee grounds. views from different angles make the flower pots more attractive.

Am I the only one who feel like the plants planted in those particular pots will grow better? Coffee grounds that were always discarded without any consciousness can be transformed into something wonderful and useful. 'Earth Ground' makes special flowerpots with a message that new things can be born from waste.

What did the original object of the light bulb look like? The hint is the gear in the center!

It is a light bulb made using bicycle supplies. The rusty and stained trace from the trail of the bicycle wheel portray a vintage look.

This kind of light bulb is likely in grandpa Geppetto's workshop! The originality of the design gives a mysterious atmosphere. It seems to me that the specialness of lighting a new fire on abandoned bicycles is outstanding.


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