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Climate Strike


School Climate Strike

Antiplastic Promotion TikToks

One Person One Bottle

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How Much Plastic Does One Middle Schooler Uses In A School Day?

How Will We Look In 10 Years?

Plastic Ban Proposal

City Clean-Ups

Apartment Recylcing Poilicy

Communication with Maeil Dairies Co.

Sending Facial Masks & Snacks to Vulnerable People (COVID-19)

Informative Posters and Books

Climate Emergency Action

We created a small book that discusses the history of climate change and global warming, actions in the present, and predicting and preparing for our future.

Elementary School Compost Proposal

After hardcore research and meetings with school teachers, we wrote our own proposal to bring back the composting program to our elementary school.

Capitalism and Climate Change

This two-paged poster is created to raise a questionable connection between capitalism and climate change. The content is not totally accurate, but they are deductive reasoning.

Recycled Paper Doodle Notebooks for Kindergarteners

Youtube Channel for Engaging Content

In our journey of developing our Youtube channel, we got to participate in the 1318 Creators Competition held by KBS (Korea's representative broadcasting company) and Hancom (Korea's native word processing program). This opportunity gave encouragement and inspiration to Greener is Cleaner.

1318 Finals Video


k-water Water Value Video

Songdo Migratory Bird One-Person Campaign

1/19/2020 Greenpeace Plastic Campaign Meeting

South Korea's Environmental Studies Teenage Representative