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Eco Loci

Eco Loci conference is a free virtual conference that allows youth worldwide to discuss and participate in activities about specific environmental issues and their solutions. Participants get an opportunity to meet some members of Greener is Cleaner as well as youth from all around the world who share the common interest to preserve the environment and secure their futures.

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Eco Loci I

The first conference under the theme of 'Youth for Change in the 21st Century' was held on February 6th, 2021, in partnership with the Curae organization and the WeTogether organization. 98 participants of ages 8-40 came together to discuss Sustainable Lifestyle and Fashion, Greener and Cleaner 2040, and Our Role in Climate Change.


Eco Loci II

The second conference was held on July 17-18th, 2021, with the Curae Organization and Environmental Frontline Organization. 191 participants aged 13-29 joined the sessions that address Genetic Modification, Decreasing Carbon Emissions, and Disposal of Medical Waste under the theme of 'Bouncing Back from Challenges.'

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Eco Loci III

The third conference was held on March 5-6th,2022  with the Curae Organization. With over 200+ participants aged 12-35 joined the sessions that address how we could prevent and stop deforestation by 2030.


Eco Loci IV

Eco Loci was back with its 4th edition but in hybrid during the 4th and 5th May 2022. Two members of Greener is Cleaner, Xin Yi and Aiko Chang, from Ipoh Malaysia were brave enough to plan this event at their school. Under the theme of sustainable living, many activities, including Kahoot! and plantation, are planned. We also have distinguished guest speakers from various organizations.


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